"Hey sweetheart, it's me again," Robert sighed "seems like I got diverted straight to voicemail again… uh… you must be… busy… or something, I don't know…" he'd never been comfortable making phone calls.

"Just calling… well… trying to let you know I got held up… I'll be there in a while… Don't give up on me… See you soon…" he said, ducking into an alleyway which he knew was a shortcut.

"So… I'll be there shortly… bye gorgeous…" he pressed the disconnect button and pushed the phone into his jeans pocket as he scrambled over the wire fence halfway through the alley.

He landed in a murky puddle of mud on the other side as his phone vibrated silently against his thigh. He lifted it and checked the text message.

'Hi hun soz I was in the shower. I haven't left yet so i'll be the late 1. Sorry babe. Cu soon xxx'

Smiling to himself, Robert tapped out and sent a reply.

'Wish I could've been there. Shame. U always miss my calls lol. Y don't u just call me back? Xxx'

Shaking the brown water from his black boots, Robert crossed the road. Within seconds his phone once again silently informed him of a reply as he pulled his hood up over his head to protect from the coming rain.

'You know I'm shy. Especially when it comes to sxc guys. I'll c u soon anyway. Xxx'

'Yeah alrite u got me there. C u soon xxx'

Robert sent the message and decided to leave it there. Putting his phone into the stomach pocket of his hoody, he stopped. He stood on a raised area, buildings behind him, a short wall and a wire fence in front of him. And then beyond that, something of a twenty foot muddy slope to the green grass of the park. In the centre of the grass was an enclosed child's park complete with swings, slide and a roundabout. Robert stopped and leant against the fence, looking out over the park. Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a pack of cigarettes and lit one up.

Ten minutes later he had finished the cigarette. He stood facing the park still, his hood over his head, one foot up on the wall under the fence, the other planted firmly on the ground. He took a deep breath and exhaled.

Another ten minutes, and there had only been one person to enter the park. A man, he had walked to the park and looked around for a short while before checking he was alone and ducking into the bushes just to the side of the park.

Rob's phone buzzed.

'Hey baby, I'm here. Where ru? Cum soon can't wait 2 cu xxx'

Snorting to himself, Rob tapped out the reply.

'Sorry babes, had to stop off at the shop. I'll be comin through the front gates shortly.'

That was bullshit. He hadn't gone to the shop and he had never intended to come in through the front gates. Taking a deep breath, he checked he was alone and scrambled over the high wire fence, dropping down the other side, he landed on the hill, and managed to steady himself before stealthing over sideways into the growth of bushes.

He made totally sure he had been 100 imperceptible in sound or any other sensory give away as he made his way around the bushes. His phone buzzed and he stopped it, switching off the vibrate function before checking the message.

'Babe it's getting cold where ru?'

There was only one main entrance to the park, one way in, one way out. The fields themselves curved away from the gate, and unless you were actually stood in the park, you couldn't see anything for shit.

He closed the message but kept his phone in his hand as he crept slowly through the bushes before him, and finally, the man came into view. Crouched behind a bush close to the basketball court, where 'she' said she would be. Taking a few prancing steps forward he thumbed the connect button on his phone, reaching the number he had programmed into quick dial.

He stood… Watched… Waited… The man reached into his pocket. Withdrew a phone. That was it. Go.

Cancelling the call, Rob reached into his stomach pocket and pulled out the flick knife purchased from someone in town. He switched out the blade and made a dash forward, grabbing the man by the shoulder, he spun him around to face him and drove the knife into his chest. The man squealed as he saw Rob.

"Who are you?" The man asked. The false identification pictures had paid off.

"Don't you recognise me babes?" Robert laughed maniacally "It's me, Tommy. I'm so glad to finally meet you."

He twisted the handle of the knife, the man yelled out. Robert swept it away from himself, tearing through flesh, blood poured onto the muddy, soggy earth. Robert reached out with his hand and grabbed the man's throat, pulling him closer.

"I don't think you'll be hurting any little kids anymore."

With a swift movement, Robert pulled out the knife and then thrust it forward, straight through the man's spectacles, piercing his eyeball. Blood sprayed out. The man fell dead.

Robert pulled off his hoody and threw it into the dumpster, along with his shirt. Walking in the cold air, shirtless, a cigarette between his lips, to the end of the alley, he stooped and lifted up a black sack. Opening it up he changed into the clothes he had left for himself. It would be a while before the man's body was found on the bottom of the lake. But who cared. One less paedophile in the world.

He walked in through his front door and headed straight up to the bathroom. Running a shower, he checked the water temperature and walked to his bedroom. Booting up the computer, he switched on his modem and connected to the internet. With swift movement of the mouse he opened up an instant messenger and right clicked on a name on his list. Bringing his finger down on the delete key, he wiped the name from his list. As he closed the contact list, a message popped up.

SxCgAlKaT1992: Hey Tommy u ok?

Tommy14-1992: Yeah thx u?

SxCgAlKaT1992: Yep I'm gd.

SxCgAlKaT1992: U wanna meet soon?

Tommy14-1992: Sure…

SxCgAlKaT1992: I can't wait to meet u.

Tommy14-1992: Yeah me niether.

Tommy14-1992: How's this afternoon for you?

Written by Ashley James Bartlett, Sunday 13th August 2006