When I die.

When I die,
I'll just be another name in the sand.
The tide'll come in on me,
But I don't mind.
The sea, she's the one
That'll remember me.

But when my name
Gets washed away.
I'll be forgotten,
Just another dead to the world.

My obituary in the paper,
It'll read of a nice girl,
A boring girl,
A good girl.
Another paragraph in the column,
Amongst the black and white jumble.

And I think,
I'll likely never get five minutes of fame.
I wouldn't ever dare to bungee jump.
And I highly doubt,
I'll get the tongue piercing my mum dislikes.

But who cares,
We're all doomed in the end,
We're doomed to regret,
And forget.
I'll regret not revising French,
I know that before any exam.
Also, I'm likely to forget,
Even writing this poem…