by fabian cortez

Seasons of turmoil

Chant In a world full of

Politicians presiding

Over an eternal

Raging sea, set to

Drown us all

As we kill each

Other to survive,

So grow brittle, as

Such lustrous colours

Fade to pallid shade,

Spill to oceans belly

Each drop of life

Soul's known


Until our voice is

Taken standing



What pretext

Can we use

To explain

Why we've

Not grown?


I say, shout!

I say, unite!

I say, do not take It lying down!

I say, don't ever give up trying!

I say,

Be heard!


A whole world as



If a single person

Had the courage to

Speak out, to start

This change

Then in centuries

To come

We might still

Be talking

About them


It's happened



Hasn't it

© copyright 2006 fabian cortez