…Dad hauled you in,
His train ride,
Left, and went on
His trip,
Some time ago;

- How long? -
- Where? -

…And Mom,
With whom you were with,
For more than earthly years,
Is standing now
On another platform;

- How long? -
- Where? -

…And I got on
Some rails with you,
Your little brother;

For many times
We said 'goodbye',
But every time,
We waited,
Until you came,
To embrace
The new passengers,
And said
Our 'hello again'-s:

What a good times,
We had,
What a great moments
We shared…

I don't know
How long?
I don't know

Just a moment ago…

…And Mom
Giving you

"Daddy is waiting
For you,
He will pick
You up…
Now don't you
I love you…"

…And I?
Don't know
How long?
Don't know

Must be
In just a moment…

Are waiting for you,
Will pick you up,

…Your train
Will leave,
Got to get on;

- How long? -
- Where? -

Until that next embrace;

… And now,
Don't you forget;

I love you…