You have to listen to what I have to say. You have to listen to my story. Yes, all of you, because… it involves you too. You who have been mere pawns, now hold the key to the very continuance of your survival. More has been going on in the world and out of it than you've been led to believe. An evil that has slept since the beginning of time has awakened from it's slumber and you are all in very grave danger. You must listen to what I have to tell you from here on. This is my story, but it is yours as well. We will finish it together. I have found a way to stop this evil, but I do not have what it takes to do it alone. That power rests in one of you, the inhabitants of this beautiful planet. Like all stories, this one has a beginning and a middle, but it will be up to you how it will end. Time is of the essence, so listen closely because there is only time to tell it once. If you have any questions, save them until I'm done. Throughout, I will be forced to jump around, to leave one time period for another, back and forth, because it will not make sense if I do otherwise. Time is an erratic essence.

I don't know when my existence began, only that I existed as an Angel in Heaven, an Angel of the Almighty. My name, though I don't recall being named, is Azriel. There are thousands of Angels in the kingdom of Heaven, not all of them the same, either. There are those who sing… Well, we all sing when the mood takes us, but these Angels were created only to sing and to keep singing until the end. The end of what we don't know, though some of us venture to guess the end of time, though at this point of the story, time has not began yet. I told you time was erratic, it all jumbles together. There are then Angels designed to create. They create the majestic surroundings of the kingdom of Heaven. All the plants and flowers, all the rivers and creeks and streams, the waterfalls cascading down. They weave a beautiful landscape for all of us to enjoy. Other Angels were created, I think, just to laugh and play and have fun, because that's all they seem to do. Then there's me and about a hundred others like me who were created to watch and to bear witness to all of God's creations. We are the ones who most frequently question the Lord's ways, and I think, the ones who most frequently disappoint him with our eternal blundering as we watch and keep safe his precious of all creations. I think sometimes that God keeps us around for his amusement and only pretends to be angry. Even the most mightiest of entities can get lonely at times, needing a contest of his will, even if he knows the outcome. I don't know though, and can not say for sure.

When your planet was created, it was a barren place… Until God sent his creators down to build the mountains and the valleys and build their rivers and their lakes and yes, even the vast oceans you know today. Keep in mind, this is all still before the beginning of time. When God was happy with the work they had done, he called them back up to Heaven to witness, with the rest of us, his newest of all creations: Life. This is when time began for us, for you, for everyone. Creatures of all shapes and sizes walked the now beautiful planet. And then… We all saw it at the same time: a creature that looked like us; moved like us. We were too amazed to do or say anything at first. I mean, here was a creature with two arms and two legs that walked upright as we did, with two eyes like we had that showed burning inside of them a soul as vibrant, if not more than any Angel in Heaven. And they were more so because they were of the material world. As you can guess, this creature is the first of the Humans. Not the Adam of the Adam and Eve you read about in the Bible. Forget everything you read in the Bible, what I tell you here is the absolute truth. Within minutes of the initial shock though, the kingdom of Heaven had split in two. One group saw this new creation as a mockery of everything we were and were jealous that God would create these filthy material things in our image. The other group, the one I was a part of, saw the beauty and the wonder in this new creature that was so like us, and were wanting to see how it would progress. For some reason, I was chosen as their spokesperson. An Angel named Lucifer spoke for the other group.


"They are a creation of our Lord," I replied calmly. "Look at them: what do you have to fear from them? They stumble in their infancy, like the very cherubs we adore. How can you see them as a mockery or even as something as pure as we? They don't even have wings."

"The fact that they walk and talk like us is more than enough! Look in their eyes! Can't you see the soul in them? Each one of them harbors inside of them a replica of what we are! Embodied in that sickly flesh…" Lucifer retaliated with loud ascents from his group. "The Lord has made a mistake…" he trailed off as the Lord's presence was felt.

"I MADE A MISTAKE?" the Lord thundered in his majestic voice, deep and melodious. "I DON'T MAKE MISTAKES, LUCIFER. DO NOT FORGET THAT I SEE ALL AND KNOW ALL."

Lucifer, with head bowed, took hi group of Angels and walked out of the Lords presence, to another corner of Heaven. Everyone thought that the argument was over, because God's word is absolute. But, it was far from over. Within the next week, God went down to Earth to better watch over his creations. We found Lucifer sitting in God's throne, as casual as could be. We all warned him what would happen when God returned, but… he wouldn't listen.

"Don't you see? God doesn't have a clue what he's doing. What is the point of all that down there, if he already knows how its going to end, if he knows everything? Why would he even go down there if knew I was going to be doing what I'm doing right now?"


Many Angels left that day, but the fight between Lucifer and God still wasn't over. As you know, Lucifer bided his time in Hell, amassing his army of Daemons, his Angles leading them as he stood behind them, giving them orders. When the time was right, he assaulted the Kingdom of Heaven and tore down the gates. A war was waged then, and casualties piled high for both sides and had ground down to a standstill. We were locked in battle for what seemed like an eternity, neither side taking further losses. And then suddenly, God let loose the Archangel Michael, the wielder of the Sword of Judgment, to go and join the fight. Grabbing up his sword, he flew out of Heaven faster than any one of us could fly. He alone cut down more Daemons on his way to face Lucifer than any ten of us had throughout the whole war. When he reached the Dark Prince himself, as he had been dubbed, an epic battle took form the likes of which had never been seen before and haven't been seen since. For years, they fought, locked in combat in the sky until both were sweating and bloodied. Lucifer stumbled in his weariness, and Michael, seeing his chance, shoved his sword into Lucifer's chest. That was the turning point of the fight. We chased the Daemons back to the pits of Hell. Michael withdrew his blade from Lucifer, but when he did, a fearsome shadow sprung forth from the wound, shooting down into the soil of the plant below. Lucifer stayed in the air, on his last bit of strength, setting forth to words a new prophecy:

"You have bested me this time, Michael, but don't fool yourself into thinking this is over," Lucifer said with a strange glint in his eyes. "At the end of time, the demon you just freed me of will awaken from it's slumber and once again join with me to threaten the kingdom of Heaven. On that day, you will fall to your knees and beg for forgiveness for this day. At that point, I will rise to the very peaks of Heaven to take my rightful place as your new God."

Having said that, his strength failed him, and he plummeted to planet below in a trail of fire, hitting it with a shudder that would effect the world for years to come. At this time, us Watchers would be ordered to watch over you on and never to leave your planet until the very end that Lucifer had prophesied. This is where your part of the story begins, but now we must backtrack to when time began to tell your entrance to this story and to explain what happened when Lucifer was struck down. I only pray that you're listening…