On the surface calm resides,

Hiding struggle deep inside,

Solitude is harshly broken,

Filling the solemn night with fear,

Though no shadow falls near,

A darkness flickers across my face,

With unknown terror my heart does race,

Is this excitement or is this fear?

Dark thoughts run through my head,

Filling me with a happy dread,

A longing that can't be quenched,

Until the demon's kiss of death,

Oh sweet demon in my ear,

Whispering the words I long to hear,

The beautiful temptress calls me,

Further into darkness I venture,

A bitter song I can't resist,

More beautiful than any myth,

My private Siren leads the way,

The path darker every day,

The gentle demon at my side,

Whispering with every stride,

Oh sweet words of empty promise,

Crumbling the brick and stone,

Like a steady stream's flow,

Carrying away the rock that protects the gold,

Finding every crack and crevice,

Wearing, tearing, breaking down,

While to the eyes of all who gaze,

The pond is calm and unchanging,

Motionless waters revealing nothing more,

Than reflections of a shadowy past,

Dark water breaks through at last,

Holding me in the demons grasp,

Icy hands that grip my heart,

Spreading sweet poison to every vein,

Then at last his job is done,

The demon that I so love,

Has entered me and become one,

Now at last the calm is broke,

With a smile that holds no hope,

Now my body is not my own,

Though a small light protests,

I have failed the Siren's test,

The demon's gift is a moment's peace,

Though the price he takes is steep,

Is it worth a wink of sleep?

Too late I try to break away,

Gently held in his embrace,

With anticipation my heart does race,

Like a lover waiting for the first touch,

Or a soldier waiting for the first shot,

This may be the sweet release so desperately needed,

This may be the bullet that rips through tender flesh,

Is this life or is this death?

Neither does my heart desire.