To Stand Alone

Story By StormDancer

"Just go away, Tegan. I don't want you anymore."

So saying, Justin strode away.

Tegan stared as she watched her boyfriend of 6 weeks with his arm slung around another girl's waist, Justas he used to walk with her. She slowly crumpled against the wall, covering her face with her hands. Sensing weakness, Justin's friends closed in for the kill.

"Look at her, so devastated."

"It's so pitiful, maybe she thought he actually liked her."

Even as her heart cracked into pieces, Tegan could feel the cool, detached part of her brain, usually dominant, taking over once more. As they continued to taunt her, Tegan lifted her face from her hands. The tears that had been trailing down her face were frozen in icy eye. She stood, waving away the mocking hands to help her up. The others closed around her. She spun like a cornered animal, glancing from face to face for an opening, a escape. She found none, but drew herself up proudly nonetheless.

"Do you know how pitiful this is?" she asked coolly.

"What, that you thought a guy like Justin might actually like a girl like you?" a bleached blonde responded, seemingly considering the question.

"No," Tegan continued, "That it takes 10 of you to tease one emotionally wounded girl. One defenseless girl against 10 of you. You need a pack to hunt in? How brave, how noble. How cool."

"Who cares," the buxom blonde replied, "It's not like you could find anyone to back you up, anyway. It's not like you have anyone who likes you. Did you feel liked, when it seemed like we accepted you? Did you fell loved? Did you think Justin loved you? Did you think he was your prince, and you were going to ride off into the sunset?"

Her friends laughed, right on cue. Tegan leaned nonchalantly against a wall.

"You're right," she said calmly, "hanging out with you was almost like having friends. Almost, but not really. Because I didn't depend on you."

A few people winced at her brutal honesty. She ignored them and continued.

"But there's a downside to your so called clique. Look at you!" she cried," You girls always needing a boy to lean on/ Can you function without a boyfriend. Could you stand without a helping hand? And you boys! Would you know what to do without a girl hanging over you? Could you balance on your own?"

"Of course we could," scoffed their leader, but her eyes betrayed her doubt, "That's just an excuse for you not having anyone who even likes you, let alone loves you."

"I would like people to like me, to have friends," Tegan agreed, "And I am looking for my true love, or at least a love. So are you, however much you try to deny it. But the difference is: you need someone. I want someone."

She stalked through the circle, pushing people away even as they parted before her. She paused at the outside, and turned to face the crowd.

"So before you start to pick at me for not having anyone, look at yourselves. See if you can say as much as me. Because my knight my come," she declared, "But even then, I can stand alone."

She strode away, a solitary figure among the masses.