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Warnings: There is Slash, Yaoi, guy on guy how ever you want to put it in this story! If you don't like that sort of thing don't read it! No flames people I warned you.

Now here is the story:

Chapter 1

When did my finger nails get so dirty? Why hadn't anyone mentioned it? I sighed lifting my gaze to stare around at the boys hovering around the edges of the gym. The second week of school, the first day of gym where we had to dress, and the first day I'd have to face a shower full of people after coming out (to myself at least).

How was I supposed to fucking deal with this? I knew I was going to come out to everyone else sometime, and I'm pretty sure no one is going to take it well if I do it after having seen all (or at least most) of my male classmates naked. I groaned. How stupid had I been to actually schedule this class? I could have taken it next year over even last year when I didn't know I was gay.

I glared at my hands, "Shit," I muttered at them.

"Did you actually say shit Jeremy?" a lanky red haired boy asked way to cheerfully for me as he sat down beside me.

I glared at him. "Danny, do me a favor. Die."

He clutched at his chest. "You told me to die?" he asked in fake shock. "Me, your best friend. I'm so…Oh it hurts," his head fell against my shoulder.

I pushed him off. "Grow up Danny," I growled. "I'm don't want to fucking play today," it took me a moment to realize that except for the fuck part I had sounded like my five year old sister when she was feeling cranky.

"Aww, something wrong with Jer Jer?" I ignored him. Danny can never take being ignored. It was how I got all the gossip and secrets out of him that he was supposed to keep quiet about. "Oh, come on Jeremy. What did I do? Whatever it is I'm sorry," I still didn't answer him or look at him (I had to admit it was fun to listen to him whine) so he started to beg. "Jeremy, come on. What's wrong? Did that ass Salem say something ass like again?" I winced at that involuntarily.

Salem was the new kid at our school and in the year ahead of us (we're juniors) an Danny was completely justified in calling him an ass. Not only was he to good looking for his own good, he was arrogant as hell, and so far had proved to have at least an average intelligence. The first time he saw me he had decided he didn't like me or something. I don't know what about me could have caused it. I'm plain as a freaking post. Plain dark brown hair, plain grey eyes, and plain short. Ever since then though he always said some smart ass comment that made me angry and more often than not I took it out on Danny. Oops.

"No, it isn't that jerk," I let out a long breath. I couldn't tell Danny the real problem not yet, not until I at least told my parents. I think they at least deserve the right to know their son is gay before everyone else is talking about it behind their backs. "Don't worry about it Danny, I'm sorry."

Relief filled his brown eyes. "You should be," but I knew he was just saying it to say it. He always did. "Are we still going over to that new café after school? What's it called again? The Mooned and the Jaded?" a goofy smile flitted over his face.

I snorted. "It's the Jade Moon you tall freak," he hit the back of my head knocking me forward a little. "And as long as you stop hitting me we'll go," I added.

"Good, we better. I heard Lane," I made a face as he mentioned the name of the girl he was half in love with. "She and her friends were saying the place is great."

"Oh and their word is law," I muttered. Since it probably would have earned me another hit I was lucky when the gym teacher walked in. Some new guy, Coach McSomething, I had forgotten. I cared little he looked just like our last gym coach (meaning a red faced forty something year old guy going to seed). Sighing I stood and followed Danny off the bleachers. We had gotten into the routine of the class pretty quickly. You see the Coach you stand in line in alphabetical order and wait till he tells you to go.

"Afternoon boys," he said gruffly coming to stand in front of us. "Ready for your first day of a real gym class? No? Then suck it the fuck up," no one even bothered to take notice of a teacher cursing. We'd gotten used to it pretty fast. You made sure to when the guy made you run fifteen laps around the school if anyone said anything. "I want you all dressed and ready to go in five minutes. You know where your lockers are and you should have you gotten your gym clothes by now so go," he barked the last word. "Move!"

We moved. Pushing past each other to make it to the locker room. At a rough shove from someone I nearly fell to the ground. Only Danny who had some how ended up beside me stopped me from falling. I looked around wondering if it had been an accident. Salem's smug face told me that was a complete no.

"Ass," I muttered walking again.

"Me?" Danny asked confused.

I looked at him surprised. "No, I was talking about the ass."

"Oh," he nodded.

Walking through the door into the locker room I remembered my initial problem when the class began. "Shit," I fought to keep my eyes off the other boys in the room. Why did I have to be gay? Keeping my eyes on the ground I hurried to dress myself. I had to find a way out of the showering part or I was in trouble.


I stared at my hands again. It was time for the showers and I hadn't thought of a way out of it. Maybe I could play sick…No, I'd be sent to the nurse and after proving how healthy I was she'd send me right back here to take a shower. What good would it do anyway? I only had one class after this and Coach Whatever would probably tell me to "suck it the fuck up".

"Jeremy, man come on," Danny slapped the back of my head again. He stood beside me in only a towel…Shit I couldn't keep the blush of my face and it was only Danny. What the hell would I do in the shower where the guys would actually be naked? "Shower time man, and you have to take one. You smell like that one diner, the one everyone got sick from after eating there, remember?" he asked slapping me again.

I glared at him from beneath my bangs. "I do not smell that bad," I protested.

"Whatever," he shrugged. "But you still have to take a shower, mandatory or some crap like that," he told me.

"Why does it have to be mandatory?" I grumbled but I listened to him this time and got ready to get in the shower. "You no whoever made that rule did it so that they could watch the boys while they took their showers and get perverted pleasure from it," I muttered this all without really thinking about what I was saying.

Danny laughed. "Shut up and move damn it Jeremy. We have less than twenty minutes to take our showers and get dressed," I frowned that didn't seem to short a time.

He grabbed my arm when I had the towel firmly wrapped around my waist. I protested weakly when he dragged me to it. Why the hell did it have to be one big communal shower? Couldn't they get the stall showers, wasn't there a rule that they were supposed to have those type of showers? I mean hell what do they do with the kids who are gay and out of the closet completely? I doubt they stick them into the same shower with the rest of the kids. Do they stick them in the showers of the opposite gender? Since that would cause quiet a few problems I doubted it.

Danny was shaking me. "Jeremy focus!" he was practically shouting in my ear. We had earned several looks (and sneers) from our fellow classmates.

"What?" I demanded glaring at him. I did not need the attention of a couple dozen half naked boys on me at the moment.

He rolled his eyes at me. "Get in the shower already."

I stared at him a moment before obeying. Slipping in I kept my eyes focused on the floor. Well Mostly on the floor, but hey I didn't want to run into anyone! Danny at least helped some since he never stopped talking. At least that might give me a constant distraction. Just to be sure I rushed through the shower. Finishing I rushed out from the flow of water in the middle of Danny talking about something that seemed very funny to him. I had no idea what he was talking about.

Rushing out of the shower though is a horrible idea. I slipped on the wet tile out side of the door, I managed to stay upright but still slid across the floor a few feet. What stooped me happened to be the person I had deemed my enemy. I fell against the smooth back of the person grabbing his shoulders to steady myself. Pulling away I opened my mouth to apologize when the person turned around looking ready to kill me.

"What the fucking hell do you think you're doing you freak?" Salem demanded. His green eyes were cold and hard. I had to admit it was sort of scary, I'd never had anyone give me a death glare before.

I forgot my original intention to apologize. "Trying not to kill myself asshole," I growled.

"Why bother?" one of his lackeys asked. Several others laughed. Looked as if I were no longer just Salem's favorite person to pick a fight with. Did they have a problem with short people or something?

"So I can live a little longer and have a chance to mmrf," I twisted to glare at the person covering my mouth. Danny had appeared again, this time in time to save me from getting my ass beat.

"How many times do I have to lecture you on this?" he asked dragging me away.

"Aww, if it isn't Links' boyfriend," I scowled behind Danny's hand as the lackey mocked us. And why did he have to use my last name?

Danny just smiled and continued to drag me away from him. He didn't let me go until we were on our side of the locker room. As soon as he uncovered my mouth I let off on him. "You ass, can't I ever just stand up to them? You always have to stop me. Gods I fucking hate you," I stood with my hand on my hips. I took a moment to think about how much more intimidating this would be if I could look down on him instead of up at him.

"I always stop you because if I don't I'm going to end up short a best friend. You are one tiny guy against five football players," he said assuming the same pose as me. It worked so much better with him. "I don't want to have to tell your parents you got killed because you couldn't keep your yap shut," he started to get dressed. It took all my self control at the moment not to drool over his body (gods I couldn't even handle myself around my best friend!) so all I could manage was a grunt. Forcing myself to turn away before anything telling could happen I began to dress. Might as well try not to be late to my next class.

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