Bitter Love

Death isn't torture compared to what I had to go through,

As I lie here today with a good story to share,

I realize the reason I'm here is because of you,

And it makes me c/o/n/t/e/n/t to know that you never did care.

A few days ago I'd been hurt by someone I thought loved me,

Tears now still c.a.r.e.l.e.s.s.l.y fall into deep pools of torment,

You didn't want me for who I was, but for my body,

It's painful to know that your heart went from (f)(l)(u)(f)(f) to cement.

You sadistically burned your cigarettes on my pure skin,

And placed scorching clothes hangers around my delicate neck,

Then you went ahead and made s't'r'a'n'g'e art with my bobby pin,

P:i:e:r:c:i:n:g the pictures of nude clowns right onto my stomach.

You showed me the picture of our first anniversary,

When you took me to the park and we had ourselves a feast,

Back then I thought we'd be together, a guarantee,

But you tore up the photo as I ran to get it pieced.

You started s-t-a-b-b-i-n-g needles in my eyes and having fun,

Whispering in my ear that I was never good enough,

And you pulled out my pony tail, watching it come u.n.d.o.n.e,

You started using big words as you showed off acting all tough.

And out comes your l'i'g'h't'e'r from the inner caves of a box,

Playfully you grasp a handful of my hair and s-l-o-w-l-y let it sway,

I shut my eyes and say goodbye to my (b)(e)(a)(u)(t)(i)(f)(u)(l) locks,

I know these unpleasant memories are here for the stay.

As you stared at the hair that was going up into f/l/a/m/e/s,

You left me there with nothing to gain back, or so I thought,

But I've always been taught to never give up on these games,

S,m,i,l,i,n,g, I know there is a war I still have not yet fought.

A/N: Hey guys! Um, this is a little different compared to all my other poems. Tell me what you think! I was kind of thinking of adding a sequel. Yes, no? Okay, well please review! (many hugs)