i kissed a girl and she was sweet
amythest rain and tainted dreams lavished her lips
i touched a boy and we fell in love
feelings akin to elation and stomachs-a-flutterin' we felt
but when you tasted that fruit you reaped
it was bitter and you spat it on the dusty ground
i laughed, clearly you had never heard
of the Sins and their poisonous tongues
that lick and nip at your digits and
dance around your head
grinning with cheshire smiles and tusks
that have been sharpened on iron and ash

i kissed a boy and he was lovely
sapphire fire and laughing nightmares sang on his lips
i touched a girl and we were infatuated
thoughts euphoric and hearts-a-beatin' we experienced
but when you discussed that life you made
it was wrong and you deleted it right there
i chuckled, clearly you had never known
that the Sins give less than they take
when they make deals with your
kind of man
that sit around and wish and wish
and never do anything but dream