These poems go along with my story Shadow Lover ^_^ R&R, please

These poems go along with my story Shadow Lover ^_^ R&R, please!

Shadow Lover Medley.

Don't Apologize.

It isn't your fault that I shall soon be gone

Does it scare you?

It used to scare me. No more.

Don't Apologize.

Death comes to me not as a sword, but as a lover, softly and gently, beautiful in the moonlight.

Don't Cry

I still love you, and will forever be with you…

Do you love me?

Then we have nothing to fear, beloved…

Shadow lover, take me in your arms…

Your embrace the night's black velvet,

Hold me, and let me sleep.

You fight you cry-

Now I will fall into your arms

And whisper my heart to you

Shadow Lover


Fake a smile as I go waltzing by…

The music is so slow…

That I barely feel myself move,

So who will drive me home?

Cold steel, God save your soul,

Please help me save mine-

To be so lost…

So play along and try hard not to cry…

It's only for a little while-

Don't Be afraid to say goodbye…

It has strains of Jars of Clay in it, and the concept was inspired by Mercedes Lackey, (gotta love the woman) but it is original, if you like it, read the story. If you've read the story, cool.

Ja Mata Ne! Shini.