This is the beginning of the end of a story I am writing… Don't steal my character Shini, please, I have worked hard on her, and she may try to kill you if you do… I kind of like this story, if you don't understand- e-mail me

This is the beginning of the end of a story I am writing… Don't steal my character Shini, please, I have worked hard on her, and she may try to kill you if you do… I kind of like this story, if you don't understand- e-mail me. It is another Shini deathfic, but I like this one better than my Shini songfic deathfic. Oh, another return appearance by Jade. (yay!) I'll publish this in parts all at once, see whatcha think.


Smoke from flickering candles drift higher,

The light is painful to my eyes, but I

Do fear the stilling darkness more- to die

With no experience of life's pain, in mire.

Part 1: Whispers of Love

The room was darkened, its use long forgotten, and its inhabitant feared. It was draped in lavish decoration- once it had been at the peak of court style- unfortunately, as always, time had changed. Was it only a year ago that she had left this place? It had seemed an eternity to the slight woman standing there. She must have been nearly thirty, but her youthful face and long, straight hair concealed any signs of aging. No, the only age that could be seen was in the way her eyes scanned the room, carefully- perhaps it was in the way she carried herself, as if she had seen the world, and had no more desire. Maybe it was in the scar that cut her face from chin to neck on the left side. Perchance it was the way she approached the bed in the center of the room, and the pain (too much for a child) that crossed her face there. Slowly, she knelt, laying on the coverlet two articles- a small glass globe, and a long handled knife that shone dimly under the faint glow of her mage-light- a soft white sphere hovering over her left shoulder. :Well, then. I suppose I must begin.: Her tired mindvoice was directed at the body lying there, sheets drawn carefully around it, and yet hintings of dust beginning to form on them- as her eyes lit on that, she swept her hand across the silken coverings, scattering dust motes into the air. Shimmering, they hung in her light, framing the face that lay on the pillow, which was breathing deeply as if in a trance. He seemed about the woman's age- but time, perhaps, had held this one too- and made him ageless. Golden hair framed his face, which was drawn as though in pain, but he had an aura about him that defied his expression, one that radiated peace. This was the exact opposite as the one who gazed upon him- all about her was scattered signs of violence and confusion- and the haggard sense of those who have seen death too many times.

:Ja, ne, Seth, it's seems like its been forever, and now never again. I'm sorry. I should have been more careful- I know, but its always too late. Jace- didn't make it through-: she broke off, fighting back the tears that threatened to come :through our last encounter with Shadow, and he was the only one that could unlock what you did- no one else can- I tried so hard- but now I'm left with-: Her hand caressed the crystal globe, regretfully :Nothing, but the chance to give you a choice. You could be with me, or I can just set you free. But you know- you know I-I can't just leave you here-: Blinking rapidly, she broke off the link. She set the crystal in one of his stilled palms, and the knife in the other. Then she began to concentrate, setting both hands above his heart, and going in deep-

The mage light, flickered, and then went out.

Her vision was dominated by sparks and flecks of color as she traced the bond she had into him. Holding onto the thinning silver strand that was her link, she willed herself closer and closer, until she realized that she had stopped moving, coming against a solid barrier. It glowed a soft green upon contact, and while it did not hurt her, it remained an implacable wall of energy, to which no amount of pressure affected. She had expected this. Shifting her attention, she reached out towards the globe, now crackling with energy at her mage-sight. Upon connection, she opened an invisible gate inside it, and all the power that was locked into it now streamed out like a raging torrent, swamping her senses and sending her consciousness spinning in a wave of light.

The mage-light that had hung over her shoulder now ignited with a wild fervor, sending shadows dancing in every corner of the room. Every candle extinguished was now a burning torch, and the room itself bent and swirled with a will not known to any sentient being. Time stood on end, and space contracted to a point before jolting everything into a normality more shocking than that previous to the maiden's entry, if only because of its sudden commonness.

She was slumped over the bedside, the mage light still shining, if now only a bit dim. The candles were at their normal level. But the figure on the bed had changed. The eyelids were still shut, but the pained face was now set in a gentle smile, and both palms were empty. One hand reached out to caress, the woman's cheek, the other, laying at his side, was open towards the ceiling. Inches above it, the crystal globe pulsed with a green light.

Hours passed, and the candles dimmed themselves to darkness, until all that lit the room was the mage light and the globe. No one entered the room, and no movement was made until hours later, when she finally awoke.

With a start, Shini opened her eyes. Why was she so cold? Then her eyes lit on the hand that held her once more. Jumping back violently, she stared at it wildly as it fell. Then, just as quickly, she darted to it, feeling for a pulse obviously not found, as she began frantically examining the body. Her anguish became more apparent as she continued, as she began murmuring to herself. :Gods, have the fates abandoned me even now? Why-: Then her eyes lit on the glass globe, and she froze. Reaching out as if afraid, she touched it, and then cradled it, holding it as if it would break at the slightest touch. She seemed unable to contain herself- softly, she began to weep, each tear sparking a dozen more such. She was already on her knees, but under the weight of her emotions she bent further in on herself, until her head rested on the feather mattress.

The door to the room finally creaked open, and a black figure stepped in. This one was the size of a teen- her willowy body revealed her shapely figure, but all that could be seen under the sable wrappings were a pair of ice blue eyes. Moving silently to the bedside, she knelt beside the bereft figure, gently helping her up, and turning her face away from the body under the canopy. Her eyes fell on the knife, which been thrown, point first, into the floor, and quickly she stepped in front of it, hiding it from view. :Shini, did he- is it finished, then?:

Shini nodded. She allowed Charis to move her from the room and take her to her quarters, listlessly she dropped onto a bed prepared for her there, and, still cradling the sphere, slept.

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