Large red roses sitting in a bundle

Thin ivory ribbon encasing the moss stems

Cast away from the pale thin hands

Screams surround the ruby buds

And a girl goes running

The flowers remain there, forgotten and alone


A boy of his teens sees the buds

Grasping the stems of emerald green brushing off dirt

He travels the distance to his home

Setting the flowers in a small vase he announces he has a gift

His mother comes down, apron on waist and hair in bun

He hands the vase to her; she smiles and wraps her arms around him


The flowers slowly die, the petals fall slowly

Till a single half wilted flower remains

The mother gathers the buds and tells the boy to rid himself of them

He leaves them were they were found

They are once more left wilted and dead in the park

A petal falls and lands on a stone nearby


The roses lose there seeds

The remainder of them falling to the ground

The small seeds take root and slowly grow

The years pass and a large bush erupts

Bright red buds and roses flowering off the mint and moss stems

The bushes grow larger and larger


The girl who ran came back one day

And sees the bushes, and a dirtied ivory ribbon

Tears come to her eyes as rembers the fight

Dropping to her knees she cradles a full bud in a thin pale hand

Her vision blurs and the tears stick to her lashes

The boy comes back, and sits beside her


Here goes the poem