Eleven seems so long ago now,

And December seems so far in the past,

But it hasn't come yet,

Five year seems so long to remember someone.

Two years seems too long to hold on,

Two years seems too long to be free,

Two years seems to be too long to be me.

I can't be sure where I am going,

I can't even remember where I have been,

And all I know is that I would like to see you again,

You were the only thing real to me,

You were the one who was there when I was free.

Yeah, But eleven seems so long ago,

Five years that seem so short,

I can't even remember where the time went,

I can't believe I have wasted all that time,

And it makes me wonder,

If in five years I will think the same,

When I was that young,

I wondered if I would survive the pain,

Now part of me wishes I hadn't.

Lost in desperation,

Waiting for December,

Will expectations change?

Will I have to be strong on my own?

As I sit here and tell you these thingsā€¦

You are no longer a part of my dreams,

And I wonder,

Where have you gone?

Yeah, December seems just too long.