PURPLE. All will be lost, of this I promise, you will fear, and you will fall. Your path will be lost, and you must find it again, and with this, of this I promise, they will say on the streets, in story books, "they looked towards the sun, these men, and kings", it said, " kings they shall be."

YELLOW. Cry my child, cry, you are in shame, you and your mystery dreams. Cry my child, cry, all broken are you, this wound you can never heal, this home that is not your home. No one cares for you, so cry my child, cry.

ORANGE. Not to worry, all these things are fake my dear, none of it is real. It's all inside your head my dear, all inside your head, these people, this place, its all a lie. No one is real, not to worry, because of all the fake thus is true, its all inside your head my dear, not to worry at all.

BLUE. There is a song I will sing to you, but its sad, so sad. No one will hear me but you for you are the special one, I will sing for you, you, and only you. I forgot some words, but that's ok, I will still sing for you, all sad songs I will sing.

GREEN. All us new, you are forgotten. People don't remember your name, such a shame. The history pages ripped out, your name washed off the black board. It does not matter that purple were kings, because in the new, your name was unheard.