The Final War

Inspired by some poetry written by a Pakistani Poet called Mohammed Iqbal.

- - -

So many times, it has been said,

That there will be one final war,

A war of finality instead,

That will knock on every single door.

- - -

A time will come when we will face,

A religious crisis worldwide,

Disputes in almost every place,

Left to ourselves; none on our side.

- - -

Faith will be dissected and questioned,

Every belief challenged personally,

A time of inner resurrection,

Correcting ourselves politically.

- - -

Jesus/Isa will arise again,

Dajjal will organize his troops,

Imam Mehdi will end the pain,

Efforts to unveil the truth.

- - -

Lives lost on either side,

Martyred or murdered; some unlabeled,

In every Soldier's heart, they hide,

The final thought, soon disabled.

- - -

It is near, this battle of blood,

A sword thrust practiced evermore,

A bloody gash, a gaping wound,

The results of The Final War.