Stumbling Victims

Dedicated to the victims of the Indian bombs on 11th July 2006. Especially for a friend of mine (Zinda :D LOL) and of course, Tecna (Elle) and her family. Please pray for all of them XD

- - -

I stumble across twisted railway tracks,

Shock preventing the tears from falling,

Bewildered and exhausted, I am lost,

In this confusion and chaos, time is stalling.

I am a regular commuter, innocent,

So why have I suddenly become a victim?

Always minding my own business,

Never asking or interrupting.

The bomb blasts were sudden, and it is still unclear,

Of what has happened to me,

The surroundings spinning in every direction,

Glass shattering, shards clinging to me.

Watching as hundreds screamed and cried

As the force of the blast crushed us all,

People flew off the roof of the carriages,

There was nothing to soften the fall.

I sit on the pavement, my eyes closing,

Police swarming like mosquitoes in the crowd,

Unmoving bodies littering the ground,

Men yelling and women crying aloud.

Blood spraying and leaking from wounds,

Faces filled with anguish and grief,

The uncertainty and feeling of ignorance,

The search for some form of relief.