Masks: Two Quatrains and an Answer

These are Quatrains I wrote for school, introspective on some characters I have, (kind of). I don't know, R&R! ^_^

Masks: Two Quatrains and an Answer

She was a Sword of Ice, congealed by flames

of life- but underneath, battered and cleft

holds naught to her soul but icy remains

suffers the mask till it rends her bereft

He hides his soul behind a warrior's face

as if afraid to let kindness be seen

conceals his woes; stripping sanity, he's

running from love, fearful of masquerades

but howe'er they try to hide their facade

that bitter destiny seems to have made

fate steps in; decreeing things must change- they

reach to each other- tear the masks away

Kinda Cute… I think you could do a fun illustration to this, ya know… R&R! PLEASE? Even if you don't like it… I love hearing from people! (This one has a happy ending!) ^_^