Gambling was never really my thing. Actually growing up in my mother's close-as-it's-going-to-get Christian home I was taught that gambling was bad. That it was the devil's work with the devil's pay.

"Gambling is a sin Izzy," My mother use to preach after my father left to his room after coming home with empty pockets three out of five days a week. "It's a game of stealing and stealing is going against one of the Ten Commandments. You'll go straight to hell."

But damn it all, those cards looked so appealing under the dim light of the tavern inn. I licked my lips and tried to move on but the coaxing of the three men sitting down waiting another player just made me inch closer and closer. My father had taught me the basics of poker for "times of need" when I must use gambling for greater good. Was this a great good? Well if I won I could donate to… Somewhere.

So there I was sitting down with five cards in my hands looking at them hard, giving them the idea like I didn't know what to do. The men chuckled and look at me as if I were some dirty joke. I shrugged it off and lay down a winning hand. They all looked at me, stupefied at what I had just done.

"What?" I asked all innocently with a strand of brown hair falling into my matching eyes.

They just growled at me and gave out another hand. Again another winning hand from me, and again, and again until an hour later as I came out grinning like a jackass, I scooped up the last bit of their money.

"Pretty good for a first timer huh?" I smiled my voice all high pitched and girly.

One of the men cracked his knuckles and I stood nervously.

"Seems to be time for me to go…" I said backing away from the murderous looks on the faces as all three stood and made their way to me.

I pushed the money into my small purse and made my way to the door. I didn't make it from the foot that kicked in my back, making me fall with a crack of some bone or another. I didn't have time to register the pain before the heel of someone's boot slammed into my back making me cry out. They dragged me out side before they did any more damage to me but they didn't go such until after they took to money away from me. Stealing my money from me proceeded with kicks and punches until I passed out from everything.

I awoke with broken bones and bruised skin. Sitting up was the most painful experience I had in forever. As the wind blew I noticed something. I wasn't wearing any clothes.

Like I said, gambling never really was my thing.