Not Enough

Recently, my friend and I got into a discussion about what are read on fiction press. We have realized that if you don't "make it big" on even one thing, most likely most people won't review for you.

People don't tell you to read a story that only gets one or two reviews for one chapter, no, they don't. Instead, they tell their friends stories that get three or four reviews for each chapter. Because of this, it causes a lot of great writers to give up.

Is it possible for someone to lose hope because nobody reviews for him/her? It could be that they're really good. But because no one spreads the news about this person nobody knows to review for them, this causes the person to only have a few or no reviews.

In conclusion of this, I just want to tell you all that even if someone gets hardly any reviews it doesn't mean that you cant review. It doesn't mean you can't help improve their writing.