A/N: Memory loss takes place after transformation.

Introduction: This is a story about a kitty that can turn into humans, but her owner doesn't know. Her owner, Mariah, is an independent brunette who is very smart, and knows that Kitty can talk. She is ginger-colored and likes the movie Gremlins. She and her owner, Mariah, are going to Bermuda with Mariah's parents. At the moment, they are getting their luggage checked. And so, our saga begins:

Sitting next to a metal detector, a fat man, whose eyes are shrunken into his piggy face, stamps his leather-clad foot against the tile. "I SAID, NEXT!!"

Mariah bites her lip and forces her heavy, black suitcase towards the guard. In her mind, she says. "I hope he doesn't find kitty." A large breath of air, which could be called a sigh, escapes from her mouth. "My life always needs to be so secret about keeping her safe…just because she talks…I'm sort of glad she can't do anything else…" In her effort to move the suitcase, she swings too hard and bangs it against the wall.

Kitty, whose tiny body slammed into this wall, yells a cry of pain. "OWW!!!"

The piggy guard becomes suddenly more alert. "What was that?" He held his gun in front of him, as though it were a shield.

"Oh…uh..that was my..erm…gerbil!"

"Your gerbil?!"

"Oh yeah, my gerbil! Yeah, it was uh…sick!"

The guard immediately goes from foreboding to dreamy. "Oh, I love gerbils! They're so cute and cuddly…" he cuddles his gun to his cheek, apparently thinking that it is a cold, gray gerbil. Then again, who knows what this crazy guard thinks about anyway? For all we know, he could be thinking about sheep….

Mariah, taking advantage of the guard's sudden mind lapse, sneaks past him while he is holding the gun/gerbil/sheep to his cheek.

"How are you feeling, Kitty?"

Kitty pokes her white-orange head through the black leather. "Oh, fine. But how would you like it if you were stuck in this suitcase for three days??"

Mariah's mom, Anna, is a bit agitated. "Hurry up! And stop talking to your suitcase!"

Mariah looks up at her mom with a dazed expression, as though she were an alien from another planet. "Ok. Wait up!" Mariah stumbles and bumps into a wall while turning a corner. In the haste, the suitcase falls over and opens.

Kitty stepped gingerly out of her black prison. She realizes that she has to go to the litterbox VERY badly, but she is even more exited that she has escaped! "YES! I'M FREE FOR A LITTLE WHILE!" In her excitement, her bladder control vanishes, and soon there is a yellow splotch on the newly painted wall. "Oops…sorry about that."

Kitty sees an escalator, and stands on the metal stair while staring in wonder at the tired-looking people.

"Whoa…. Why are people so big?? Well, they were big when I was a human, but still…whatever the case, I will not let my kitty sense get ahead of my human sense!! Oh look, a birdy!" Well, apparently Kitty's human sense decided to go on vacation……….

"AHH WHERE'D KITTY GO???" Mariah, disgruntled that she had been so careless, was ditching her parents and her flight that would be leaving soon in order to go find Kitty.

Meanwhile, at a different gate, a flight attendant announces, "The flight to Bermuda leaves in 20 minutes…AHH A KITTY!"

Kitty had lost the birdy and was trying to catch the "worm" that was the flight attendant's shoelace.

Kitty, once again, sees a human shoe coming towards her head.

"OWW!!! Oh look, there's that birdy! Must…chase….hmm..didn't my owner say something about going to a warm place for a week? Oh well." Kitty starts playing with the leaves that are blowing around.

Now, for some reason, in this crazy airport there is a troll named Mungus. Mungus had flown in from Transylvania, but his flight was set for Romania. However, he got a discount on tickets to America. Now he's lost, confused, and hungry for fresh kitty…

Mariah frantically searches the airport until she comes face-to-face with a troll sitting on a rock. She is a bit puzzled (after all, who wouldn't be?) but decides that any help is better than none.

"Excuse me, but have you seen a kitty?"

Now, as we remember, Mungus the Troll is very hungry. Also, kitties are considered a delicacy in his part of Transylvania. Especially talking ginger she-cats.

"You have no idea how much I REALLY wish I had…." Mungus eyes a ginger tomcat with drool coming down his chin.

Mariah eyes the wet glob with disgust and hands the green troll a handkerchief. She has spied the ginger tomcat (whose name we do not remember).

"Oh, there she is! YAY!!! Kitty, I finally found you!"

The cat, who was looking for his lunch, sniffed her and ran away when he realized she was not food.

Kitty was in this part of the airport as well.

"There's Mariah! I'd better go tell her where I am!" Kitty runs towards the only familiar face in the airport.

Before she gets a chance to reunite with her owner, she gets a funny feeling in the pit of her stomach, and she starts to grow. Her paws turn into small, narrow feet. Her fur gets replaced by skin. Her claws become brightly manicured nails, which are blue with white flowers. Her green eyes stood out from her pale skin. She blinked and adjusted her orange-and-white striped dress. Yes, she turned into a human.

"Wow…where am I? Oh dear, there is a girl crying over there. I'd better help her." Kitty steps over in her bare feet and asks, "What is wrong, dear? Why are you so sad?"

Mariah looks up at the strange woman through blurry eyes.

"I lost my kitty! She's ginger and sings like Gizmo, loves the movie Gremlins, and answers to Giz. Will you help me find her?"

"Oh, I love Gremlins! Sure, I'll help you!"

Mariah brightens, and says, "Could you sing the Gizmo song? Do you know it? She might follow the sound…"

Kitty runs a slim hand through her ginger hair.

"Of course!"

Unfortunately, Kitty chooses that moment to get the funny feeling again. Only this time, the process is in reverse.

Mariah realized what had happened and hugged Kitty to her side. "KITTY! YOU'RE SAFE!"

Kitty, who doesn't remember a thing, gives her a puzzled expression.

"Huh? What happened? Oh yeah! We were going to Bermuda!!! BERMUDA HERE I COME!!"

Kitty sees a gift shop across the hall and decides to steal a bunch of kitty stuff, two pairs of sunglasses, and a red bikini. The cashier looked not frightened, but more amused, and was too busy chuckling to himself to stop the strange Kitty from running out the door.

Mungus, on the other hand, was exasperated. He had spent at least ten minutes searching (which was a long time for a troll), and he still hadn't found the kitty. But wait…what was that? Yes! An orange blob sticking out from black leather! Troll advanced towards the bulging-eyed Kitty.

"OH NO A TROLL!! Since when are there trolls in airports….?"

Troll carefully set out his napkin and necessary silverware (even trolls remember their eating manners) with an evil gleam in his eye.


Mariah was not about to lose her beloved Kitty again.

"Oh no, you don't!"

Mariah scoops up the shaken Kitty and hides in the bathroom.

"Whew! That was close! Never run away again! And since when can you turn human??"

The same flight attendant from before, eyeing a certain drooling troll and trembling nervously, shuffled up to the microphone. "The..the flight for Bermuda leaves now."

But Mungus, who was desperate for anything remotely resembling food, sinks his teeth into her bare ankle.

"OWCH!!! Ok, fine, two minutes..Geez, some people are so touchy……"