Part 10: Evil Doughboys

A/N: When we last left them, Mariah, Luke, Mohawk, and Kitty were sitting near Boston college. Let's have a look, shall we?

Mariah leads the way out of Boston College, gingerly stepping over piles of gray troll ash.

"Phew. What an interesting day at Boston College! What should we do now?"

Mohawk grimaced and leapt into Luke's arms. "I never want to look at another paper again, that's for sure. Hey, where'd Alex go?"

Luke glanced around at the large buildings, as though searching for her. "I think she said she was changing." He pulled his coat tighter around him with his free hand. "She had the right idea. It's cold here!"

Mariah glanced at her watch. "I'm kinda hungry. Why don't I call Alex and tell her to meet us at a pizza place?"

Kitty's eyes instantly lit up at the mention of food "Yummy, pizza!" Then, her face fell.

"Um..will they serve it to me? You know, since I'm a kitty and all."

Mariah laughed. "Sure. I'll just hide you." She whipped out her RAZR.

"I'll call her and tell her to meet us at 42nd and Parkway. We can eat at Charlie's. They have the best Chicago deep dish pizza outside of…well, Chicago!"

Kitty immediately started bouncing up and down.

"Yay! Do they have anchovies I love anchovies! Show me an anchovy, and I'll go crazy!"

Mariah looked over at the bouncing kitten apprehensively. "Uhh, no. I don't think so. Remember the last time we got you anchovies on a pizza?" (I won't go into details, however, it involved memory loss and a tattoo…)

"Well get the sausage and pepperoni."

Mariah spied Alex walking down the snow-covered sidewalks, her white boots crunching with every step.

"Finally! Now we can eat." Exclaimed Mariah.

Kitty glanced nervously at the white approaching figure.

"That doesn't look like Alex…she's wearing a white hat. She looks kind of fat…and white…uh-oh, here she comes!"

Alex, coming nearer to the group gave Kitty a frown. As much as she loved her, she didn't think she deserved to be called fat, especially by a cat.

Kitty squinted at Alex. "Oops…"

Mariah scooped up Kitty and placed her inside her beach bag. "I'm so sorry Alex. Kitty's just nervous because she thought you were a Pillsbury Doughboy. For some reason, she thinks they're evil…"

Kitty shuddered, remembering those taunting white figures on the television set. Oh, how they begged. "Poke me," they said. "Poke me…" Kitty shook her head and her memories vanished, at least for the time being.

Alex laughed. "That's ok. It's an honest mistake." She pulled her white wool coat closer to her and shivered. "Let's go inside. My skin is turning white because of the cold, and I'm wearing seven sweatshirts!!!! I want some pizza."

As they approached the quaint building on 42rd street (don't know if that's a real street in Boston, so I'm gonna use my artistic license) with a lopsided sign, Kitty saw something that made her blood run cold. In fact, it was like the nightmares she'd had were coming to life.

Inside the building, there were a dozen Pillsbury Doughboys, lined up muted on the inside of the pizza place. They wore chef hats, large grins, and signs that said "Poke my tummy".

Mariah squealed, lifted Kitty out of her bag, and put her on the ground so she could walk. She ran to the window and pressed her face against it.

"Oh my god! Actual Pillsbury doughboys! Let's go inside; I wanna poke some. Maybe they work here and are making the dough!"

Kitty tried to grab Mariah's shoelace with her tiny paws. "Wait! I don't think it's safe!"

Of course, Luke, Mohawk, Mariah, and Alex all ignored her and ran inside.

Kitty watched for a bit as they poked the doughboys, laughing at the "Woo-hoo!" sound they made. She sighed and walked down toward the alley in between an apartment and the pizza place.

Inside the pizza place, the humans (and Mohawk) were having lots of fun poking the doughboys.

"This is so much fun! I wish Kitty were here to see this," said Mohawk as he pressed his finger into the white flesh of a Doughboy.

Alex, however, wasn't having as much fun.

"Hey! I'm not a doughboy!!" She screamed as a young boy tried to poke her stomach. The boy screamed and ran out of the pizza place.

Luke turned toward Mariah. "Should we bring her in? I mean, what if she catches a cold?"

Mariah scanned the place for an ordering booth, but she couldn't seem to find one.

"Don't worry, I'm sure she'll be fine. Anyway, we'll be out in a minute, right?"

Meanwhile, Kitty was crawling through the alley, poking at bits of garbage. A breath of air escaped her lips, in an almost-sigh.

"I feel so alone…." She said as she clawed at an interesting-looking can.

"Me too…" said a voice behind her.

"AHHH!!" Kitty whirled around. Standing behind her was a large, handsome tomcat. He was gray all over, and he had eerily turquoise eyes.

"Sorry to startle you. My presence often alarms people," he said, washing his paw. "By the way, I don't believe we've met…?"

Kitty gave an embarrassed smile. "Sorry for forgetting my manners. My name is Kitty, but you can call me Gizmo, if you want."

The male cat smiled. "I like it….Kitty…. So, Miss Kitty, where is your owner? Or do you not have one?"

Kitty glanced at the pizza place. "Oh, I have an owner. It's just that she and her friends are inside that place poking the doughboys." She and the tomcat started down the alley together. "I didn't feel right about it, but I couldn't stop them."

The tomcat stopped in his tracks. "Wait…did you say poking doughboys?"

Kitty gave him a puzzled look. "Yes…why?"

The male cat started running as fast as he could back toward the pizza place.

"Quick, follow me! We have to save your owner and her friends. If we don't get them out of there soon, the will become unconscious, and the Doughboys will eat them!"

Kitty gasped and ran after him. "I always knew those doughboys were trouble!"

They finally reached the pizza parlor. It appeared as though the doughboys were still jumping around and laughing, but all the people (and Mohawk) were lying on the ground, not moving.

The tomcat kept running. "Quick: which ones are yours?"

Kitty pointed out Luke, Mariah, and Mohawk and helped the male cat drag them all outside. (The male cat had surprising strength. Kitty had to struggle dragging Mariah outside by her mouth, whereas the male cat dragged Luke, Mohawk, and Alex all outside at once.)

All four figures lay still, and were beginning to turn pale.

The male cat sighed. "Well, your friends are already passed the unconscious stage. I'm afraid this is the second stage: turning into the actual doughboy."

He glanced at Alex. "Although, with all her attire, your friend there could be a doughboy already."

He handed Kitty a tube of green ointment that had appeared as though out of nowhere. "It looks like you need help getting them out of this…state of mind…If you squirt some of this into their mouths, they should turn back to normal."

He sprang off into the alleyway, and shouted, "I hope we meet again!!!"

Kitty yelled back, "Wait! You never told me your name!"

Then she looked into the sky, and saw the Batkitty light, with the outline of a cat face.

And realized she didn't even have to ask.