I see the things that are real but not really there

Open the third eye for two seconds will you

Come with my to the land of twilight

Where the night man smiles

He has his arms out in welcome

Embrace the night man and float into the night

The world is waiting beyond the dark sides gate

I'm waiting there too

I'm dancing a moonlight sonata with the man on the moon

He twists and turns and sways to the Earthly tune

This place is no where special but it's not quite Earth

There is peace here in the midnight forest

We all smile and laugh at you humans and your toil

All except the night man summoning you

He summons you to the dark side of the moon

To things unknown and all things possible

He's waiting for you to stop the foolishness

As he has for thousands of years

He never loses hope and he will wait till the end of time

Come join us will you please?