Guess what

Guess what? I wrote another sonnet! This is under originals, but its part of a really demented Romeo and Juliet parody! I thought you just might enjoy it- if you don't know what a sonnet is, its basically a fourteen line poem with ten syllables in every line with an accented syllable on every even beat. The rhyme scheme is ababcdcdefefgg. It's a bit confusing, if I made a mistake bear with me- I kinda like this one. As for morals or points, that is up for you to decipher, but I *do* have a point. Enough talk.

A Sonnet to an Interspacial Romeo and Juliet

Amidst the stars, beyond the earth's dim sphere

Our conflict builds a stage for endless war

But when the hatred takes those held so dear

They question what they're really fighting for.

For two young lovers, crossed by stars and fate

Do make their mark upon pernicious rage

With tragedy- that violence seen late

Leaves marks of tears on hist'ry's bloody page.

Conflicting ideas ended with more death

And sadness is the only cloak of peace

Which, guaranteed with dying love's last breath

Provides no solace for their soul's relief.

So listen closely, you shall hear the tale

And, so entrusted, act on it, or fail.

So, whatcha think? Good? Bad? I swear if I get no responses I'll just keep on chucking out the bally thingsā€¦.TTFN, R&R!

Oh, and Happy St. Patrick's Day!