Glenn awoke to the sound of his cell phone ringing. He looked at his clock and it was 6:27 in the morning. Glenn let out a sleepy yawn and reached for his pants. The ringing stopped before he could get to his pocket that held the cell phone. He pulled it out and looked at it. "One missed call..." Glenn said out loud. He flipped his phone up and looked at the missed call. It read Dustin, one of Glenn's vampire friends. He looked up the number and redialed it, putting the phone up to his ear.

"Glenn!" Dustin said on the other end of the phone. "What's up?"

"Nothin', ahhh...woke me up man." Glenn replied.

"Sorry dude, you want me to let you go so you can sleep?"

"Nah, I'll be alright. What's up?"

"I was seeing if you wanted to hang out with me and some of the others at Rosty's Bar tonight."

Glenn thought about it. "Hmmm...." It's been awhile since Glenn has been out on the town for a night. He's worked too much lately. "Hell, why not. What time?"

"I'll call you, alright?"

"Right, I'll catch you later."

"Later dude."

Glenn closed his phone and laid back in bed, letting out a sigh. He's been working everyday for the past 11 months and the force respects his hard work. In the police force, he's a high rank among the humans, but in the Arch Angel force, he's only a third class guardian.

In the Arch Force the ranks are New Wing, Guardian, Champion, Protector and Divine. The ranks are split into classes of three. Third, second and first. Glenn still had a long way to go, but was climbing quickly since he was Imbued 5 years ago.

The Imbuing process is when a normal human is given the divine gift of power from the heavens. The person goes into a temporary state of death and comes back on his or her own power. The process is only for those who have the strength to do so, anyone else would die in the process.


"Ugh! He's so's annoying." Hex exclaimed to Lilith. "He tried flirting with me..."

"Soo....did you get his number?" Lilith asked, hoping.

Hex looked at her with her cold eyes. "Did you hear one word I said?"

" he was cute, huh?" Lilith said, daydreaming almost.

Hex couldn't believe that Lilith was so girlish. Hex wasn't the type for dating, sex, or anything dealing with someone else of the opposite sex. "You're hopeless...." She said before walking off. She opened a door and walked back into the pounding rave.

"Oh...there you are again..." A voice said behind her.

Hex knew who it was. "Do you want to die?" She said, turning to a grinning Raven. "Wipe that ugly grin off of your disgusting face..."

"You know, you're making it hard for me to get to know you..."

"Good..." Hex said, turning around. Her eyes grew wide when Raven's hands grasped her waist gently.

Raven came right next to her ear. "Unfortunitly for you, I like challenges...." He said in a erotic way.

Hex pulled forward, out of Raven's grip and swung around with her claws aimed at his head, but he wasn't there. "Fast...." She said, as she followed the momentum around, sending a kick to the side of Raven's head, but it was caught in his hand.

Raven was still grinning and cocked his head to the side to take a look up her dress. " panties. My favorite color too..." He said with a smile.

Hex was getting pissed off now. "Bastard!" She pulled her leg back and sent it at his head again, but Raven dipped backwards, away from the attack. She rushed in quickly and was up close to Raven now. She send countless blows at his body, but Raven's defense was too good for her attacks. "Damnit! Fucking....DIE!!" She screamed as she swung once more, but Raven blocked it with his finger.

"Alright...I surrender..." He said, stepping back with his hands in the air.

Hex was seething by this point and wanted to rip his throat out. "You...You're lucky Vladimir wants you alive...just you wait...." She turned and stormed off.

Raven grinned once more as he put his hands in his pocket and walked toward the exit. "Ahh...she'll come around." He walked out and back to the elevator and rode it back up. He exited the building and made his way back to his apartment, parking his bike outside this time.

He looked at his watch. "Oh shit..." It at 6:45 and class started at 7:00. He rushed up to his room and busted in. "Damn!" He grabbed his school uniform and changed into it. He rushed back down stairs and made it to his bike.

"Aw...FUCK!!" He rushed back in and up to his room once more, this time around looking for his book bag. He found it and ran to the door. "Ok...I'm tired of this...." He turned and dove out the window, flipping and landing on his feet in front of his bike, startling a few people as he landed.

He jumped on his bike and was off, hitting 90 down the street toward his school. He made it to the parking lot and looked at his watch. "6:59!! SHIT I'M GOING TO BE LATE ON THE FIRST DAY!!" He jumped off his bike and rushed up to the building. He wasn't going to make it through the halls, but he remembered that the class was on the side. He rushed to the side of the building and saw the window open to his class room. "I can still make it!!" Even though the room was on the fourth floor he was determined. He ran full speed at the building and ran up the side, grabbing the window and flipping into the classroom and perfectly landing in his assigned seat.

"Ah!" He yelled out with a smile as he leaned back with his hands supporting the back of his head.

"You're late Mr. Thornheart." The teacher said.

"Not a good start to your first year here, Mr. Thornheart."

Raven looked at the black board and saw the teachers name. "Miss. Mishia..." He looked at her and she was a amazing looking teacher with a smile on her face.

"And could you tell us how you managed to make it up here into class from outside, Mr. Thornheart?"

The whole class looked at him. Raven looked around. "Well...I'm a vampire...."

The class laughed at him.

"What?" Raven looked around. "I am!"

"Mr. Thornheart, you know vampires can't be out in the sun like you just were. We all know that."

"I'm an original."

The class laughed even harder.

"It's not good to come to class high on your first day either man!" A teen boy called out.

Everyone laughed harder.

"That'll be enough class." Miss. Mishia called out. The class grew silent and looked at her. "Well, that would explain how you did get up here."

"But vampires will die in the sun!" Someone called out. It was followed by 'yeahs' and 'trues'

"I graduated college with a degree in teaching and it's not teaching history either. It's teaching about the vampire race." She looked at Raven. "Originals are very rare to come across. They have the same abilities as vampires, but have no weakness to sunlight or silver." She smiled once more. "So don't laugh at Mr. Thornheart."

Raven sighed and relaxed once more. "Ahh...thank god someone understands."

Miss. Mishia turned to the board and started to write on it. "Alright class, we start off with the Korean war! Please turn to page 52 in your books and take notes.

Raven opened his book, but noticed a beautiful girl on the far end of the classroom. " a babe." His eyes teased him as they followed her smooth, glistening legs up to her skirt, that covered what Raven wanted to see the most. "Damn....she's fine...."

The girl looked right at Raven and Raven looked right at her. Raven smiled and she blushed with a smile of her own.

"OH YEAH!! SCORE!!" Raven's mind screamed. "Heh..."

"Mr. Thornheart, you should be paying attention to only one female in this class and that's me." Miss. Mishia said, looking at him.

Raven looked at her. "Sorry...." He said as he looked down into his book.

"That's better...." She turned back to the black board.


Class let out and Raven took his book to his locker. He opened it and dropped it in carelessly. He decided to head to the bathroom before his next class. It was just around the corner and he walked in. He moved over to the sink and looked in the mirror at himself.

Someone else came into the bathroom, but it didn't catch his attention.

"R...Raven..." a soft, female voice called out.

Raven slowly looked to his right and saw her. The same girl from class and she was in the boy's rest room! "Uh...I don't think you should be in here..." Before he could say anything else, she was grabbing his shirt tightly.

She pulled him downward into a sweet tongue wrestling kiss. Raven was shocked, but accepted it soon and wrapped his arms around her. She leaned into him, knocking him off balance. Raven stumbled back into a stall and sat on the seat.

Raven's eyes looked down into the toilet and someone could have been more kind as to flush after going number two in it. Raven leaned back more and pushed the handle with his elbow, flushing the foul bowl movement. The girl ravaged the inside of Raven's mouth as he slid his hand up her skirt, feeling her panties.

He couldn't believe it. His first day and he's about to get laid in the boy's bathroom by some hottie. Twas a beautiful day for Raven as he stood up, letting his pants fall to the floor. The girl pulled down his boxers slowly.

This was it....

"Say cheese...." The girl said, jumping back out of the stall.

Three boys leaned in and took a picture. They laughed hystericly afterwards.

"Look at the look on his face!" The blonde haired boy said. "Nice package!!"

Raven was in total shock...he didn't know what to do, but look. His moment of and his goods caught on picture.

"Can't wait til everyone sees this!" The black haired boy called out.

Raven looked behind them at the girl. She was laughing. Not as hard as the boys were, but laughing none the less.

The boys walked off with the cameras and Raven still stood there in shock, looking at the girl. He waved at him. "Buh bye...Raven." She walked off giggling.

It took Raven another 20 seconds to gather himself and pull up his pants. "I...can't...fucking...believe that happened...."



Glenn yawned as he awoke from his sleep. It was 2:02 in the after noon now and he was well rested and thankful for that. He didn't move out of bed though, he liked the feeling.


The word sounded like heaven itself as he laid there. All the days of work and hustle at the precinct, just to see this beautiful day of relaxation. No murders to worry about. No rapes, no nothing.

Glenn finally slipped out of bed and took a quick shower. He walked back into the room, wrapped in his towel.

" looks like a nice day outside." He said to himself as he walked to his closet and opened the door. He took out a pair of kaki pants and a long sleeve button up. He slipped on some boxers and put the rest of his clothes on.

He walked out of his room into his living room. He loved his place and thankfully, arch angels get big paychecks. The monthly rent was two grand, but that was nothing to Glenn. He walked out his apartment and made his way to the garage.

"Hey beautiful..." Glenn said with a smile.

His car was his beauty, his love. BMW X-3, fastest car in stock. Hits 225MPH and goes from zero to sixty in 2.9 seconds. He walked up behind it and slid his hand over the smooth black dark blue surface, to the chrome vertical handle. He opened it and sat down in the smooth comforting leather.

"Ahhh..." Glenn let out a pleasant sigh and put the key in the ignition. The car hummed to life, almost catlike purr. Glenn shifted it into gear and slowly pulled out of the garage.

It was a most beautiful day in a city that sees a lot of grey or rainy days. Glenn pulled into the street and headed toward the docks. The smell of the sea was strong as he approached the dock entrance. He pulled up to a gate.

A young teen looked at him from a booth. "Hey! Glenn!" The boy said.

Glenn looked at him and smiled. "What's up Tommy?"

"Oh nothin', just workin'. You kno'" He said as he looked at his monitor.

"Well, do it and open this gate already." Glenn said with a small chuckle.

"On it Mr. Ghast." Tommy replied, as he opened the gate. "Hey," Tommy said as he turned to Glenn once more. "Can you take me out to drink tonight sometime?"

"Tommy...I'm a cop," Glenn said as he looked at him. "One, I would lose my job and two I would have to arrest you if I saw it. You're only seventeen, so stick with the soda." Glenn pulled off into the dockyard.

Tommy watched him pull off and sighed.

Glenn pulled into a parking lot and parked his car. He stepped out and looked around.

"Hey Glenn!" A man called out.

Glenn turned and waved back at the waving man. Glenn walked toward the warehouse area and walked in one. He walked up behind a man who just put a crate down.

"How's life treatin' ya?" Glenn said to the man.

The man turned around and his eyes lit up. "Oye! Well look at this bloody fuck!" The man hugged Glenn and stepped back. "Well you look nice today." The man said with a strong English accent.

"Thanks Plistkin." Glenn replied with a smile.

Plistkin was Glenn's younger brother from Liverpool, England. Grew up in a tough neiborhood and knows how to handle himself quite well. He was wearing a black beater and had his hair shorter than Glenn's, plus it was slicked back, forming small spikes. Well built for his size, from all the hard labor he's done over the years.

"I was about to get off in the next five minutes, eh could you hand me my Adams ale over there?"

Glenn looked around and looked back at him. "Speak English please."

"I am!" Plistkin said back. "I need a swig of my Adams ale."

"What the hell is that?"

"Fuckin' water mate!"

Glenn looked over at the bottle of water next to him. "Oh," He picked it up and handed it to him. "You should have said that before."

"You people don't understand a damn thing I say sometimes." Plistkin complained as he sipped his water.

Glenn looked around. "Is Chris here?"

"That sick fucker?" Plistkin said with a smile. He laughed. "Chris was in the piss box, bangin' one out and got banged to rights with his banana in his hand and his arse on the nettie." Plistkin laughed even harder. "Ah, he's a beaver leaver anyways."

Glenn looked at him, lost as ever. "So...that means?"

Plistkin looked at him. "Oh for fucks sake...." He sighed. "He was in the bathroom, beating off and got caught with his dick in his hand on the toilet."

"And he's a beaver leaver?"

"He's gay."

"Oh...." Glenn said with a whistle. "Well let's blow this joint."

"Blow this joint?" Plistkin said in confusion.

"Means let's get out of here." Glenn said, looking at him.

"I know, I'm joshin' ya." Plistkin said with a chuckle.

They walked out to the parking lot.

"God...that is a nice beemer mate." Plistkin said as he looked at Glenn's car.


"Fucking BMW."

"Get in..." Glenn said as he unlocked the door and got in. He looked over at Plistkin as he got in and felt the leather.

"I'm made up that you got this beaut. This baby is mint..." Plistkin said as he rubbed the leather.

"I don't know what that means, but I'm guessing that it is good." He said as he pulled off and out of the gates.

Glenn drove back into town. "You hungry?" Glenn asked.

"Yeah," Plistkin replied. "Do you know any places where I can get half-pissed?"

Glenn looked at him. "Half-pissed?"

"It's like drunk, but not completely plastered."

"Oh...well, yeah I do actually." Glenn kicks it into third gear and pushes it some.

"Oooo...I like this baby." Plistkin said.

"Now that I understand." Glenn said with a chuckle, pulling up to an Chinese Bistro.

"This spot? What you going to bust these Chinese people because their business is hooky?" Plistkin chuckled some. "You know they probably have a sweat shop in the back."

"No, we are going to eat here." Glenn said as he got out. Plistkin got out and followed him in.

Large pillars with highly detailed dragons printed on them, stood in a towering manner as they entered the cool aired restaurant. Most of the tables were taken and the bar was filled. Chinese traditional music was being played over the loud conversations of everyone.

"This place doesn't look as cheap as chips mate. I don't think I could pay for anything on the menu...even the Adams ale."

"I got it. My treat you could say." Glenn walked up to the receptionist. "Table for two please."

She looked up. "Ah, Mr. Ghast! Right this way." She picked up two menus and led them to a table outside. "A waitress will be right over to take your order."

"Thank you." Glenn said as he sat down. Plistkin sat as well, watching the receptionist leave.

"Aren't you the known one..." Plistkin said as he opened his menu and started to browse through the selection. "What's the screw driver like?"

"They make it pretty good. Ask them for it on the hard side."

"Oooo...even better. The fruity gin shake. My favorite." Plistkin said with glee. "You can pick the food, I'm sure you have good taste."

Plistkin looked over at a cute waitress that walked up. "Well...ello ello."

She smiled back at him. "I'm Krissy, I'll be your waitress for today. Before your orders, can I start you guys off with a drink."

"Only if you would join us in that drink, love." Plistkin said with a smile.

"I would, but I'm working right now...what might your name be?" She asked with interest.

"Plistkin Ghast, my love. You look lovely in your work attire there."

"Oh're just saying that." She replied, trying to hide her blushing face.

Glenn still doesn't understand how Plistkin makes pass with girls with ease. "Well...Plistkin, can we take our order now."

Plistkin looked at Glenn. "Oh, well sorry mate. I'm just tryin' to get to know our lovely waitress here." He grinned.

Suddenly screaming was heard at the door. Glenn turned to see four gunmen with bandanas over their mouths rush in. One took the lead.

"Alright everybody, this is a stick up as you all know! Me and my boys have the guns, you have the money. You don't want the bullets, so just pass over your wallet and jewels and we will leave you all alive."

The gunmen pulled out black trash bags and went around the room putting their guns to the customers faces and ordering for their wallets. Glenn saw they were walking toward his table. He was out manned and out gunned.

"Great...on my day off."