She rises quietly, being careful not to make a move that her master would mis-intepret, it had taken her years to learn how to do this, to rise without disturbing him. She couldn't always rise without waking him, but at least he no longer assumes her movements ment rebellion or defiance. She watches him sleep for a few moments, wondering what he dreams about, if he even dreams. His face is unmarked by lines, does he ever regret anything he's done? She doesn't know, and probably will never know.

She starts putting things away. First his clothes, checking each piece before she does so, the pants will need to be laundered, the shirt just needs to be brushed out and hung out in the sun to remove the faint but pleasant oder of his body. His boots she will need to oil, the leather getting dry, the same with his belt. She takes the shirt out to the balcony and hangs it from a rope there, letting the sun hit it to "bleach" it.

She then picks up her own clothes, they will all need to be either laundered or mended. Her bodice shows the marks he had pushed her up against one of the columns, one of the servants must have forgotten to clean it. The strings on her "Corset Dress" had been cut, the skirt was covered in.....things best not thought about if she didn't want to wake him with her needs and desires.

She put everything that needed to be laundered in one basket and took out the oil and a cloth and started working on his boots. She carefully cleaned the toes, worked the oil into the ankle area where she had noticed some stiffness, then she used the cloth to buff them to a matt "glow" nothing that would shine to much, but that brought the leather to "Life". The belt is getting worn. She'll have to remember to see if she can visit the market to replace it, but for now she oils it carefully and coils it. setting it on the chair where she will put his clean clothes.

She gathers up the dishes from their late night snack, then slips into her room and dresses quickly and quietly. Slipping back into her master's chambers she takes up the laundry and the dirty dishes, and moving on bare and silent feet she makes her way first to the laundry, then she will need to go to the scullery. Unlike the women of the Harem, the women of the servents treat her well. How often has she pleaded for mercy for them, she no longer knows.

Of everyone in the palace it is the servants that she is most comfortable with. Anica, the laundress, takes the clothes from the Magess, shaking her head she smiles, "He is always ruining your clothes, Mercy." Anica calls her that as most of the servants do. Either Mercy or Jishin, as HE does.

"I know. But he enjoys it so."

The laundress just laughs, "You had better hurry, you know how the Master gets if your late with his breakfast."

The She-mage laughs in return, "How can I be late with his breakfast, many times I AM breakfast."

The laundress nods and takes her new burden with her into the confines of her domain. The mage heads for the kitchen and the scullery. She smiles at the kitchen staff, the cook walks up to her, "The usuall, Jishin?"

"Yes. enough for two."

The cook nodded to the mage as she took the dishes and handed them to one of the scullery maids. A selection of fruits, breads and bite-sized meats were arranged on the platter the woman had prepared, along with two small plates, a small jug of juice and two goblets. This was given to the Magess, who accepted it quietly. She makes her way through the halls, ignoring the Harem women who hiss at her.

She slips in on silent feet, the tray carefully balanced. Sometimes she wonders about the changes in herself. Once she would never have been trusted to bring him food, not even allowed out of her room. Now she had roam of the palace, and could even visit the city by herself as long as she asked his permission first.

She can feel him seeking her, she has learned to be sensative to his power, and doesn't bother to hide. He opens his eyes and takes in her body and dress. She has slipped into her "uniform" the top that leaves one shoulder bare yet hugs her every curve like a second skin only to cascade off her hips in graceful folds. He smiles, she looks so soft and vulnerable holding the tray, walking to the small table by the bed.

"Always so pleasing," He watches her set the tray down and put all his favorites and a few samples of her own on his plate, arranging them in a way he indicated once years ago that he found pleasing, "You've tended to make it into an art, woman."

She turns and looks at the man she calls master, "It isn't hard to learn." she is carefully filling one of the goblets with the rich smelling liquid from the small jug on the tray.

"For some it tends to be."

"You taught me well, Master." Her voice is rich and smooth, she drops gracefully to her knees and holds up the tray. He looks into her eyes, they no longer fight him, in fact she seems content now to be kneeling before him.

He looks at her, a slight smile crosses his lips as he takes the tray from her and sets it to the side. he can see the fear in her eyes then, "Have I done something wrong Master?"

He takes her hair into his hand, pulling her hair back and looking into her eyes, "No woman." He drags her forward and lays her against his chest, "you haven't." then he takes up a small piece of fruit and holds it to her lips.

She knows what that means and takes it from his fingers, kissing them as she does so. His lips go to the back of her neck and start to kiss her there. "You taste sweet, Jishin. How do you always taste so sweet?"

She blushes softly, then takes up a morcel of bread and lays a piece of meat on it, offering it up to him, takes it and her fingers into his mouth, his tongue playing over her fingers making her shiver. "I don't know master, it could be because you care for me."

He chuckles, taking the time to feed her from his own hands, and allowing her to do the same for him. A ritual he doesn't often allow himself to indulge in, but today will be a day of business, with little time to play with his prized slave-girl. He allows himself to indulge in such innocent pleasures. the way her eyes light up every time he has her drink from his goblet, or he takes a drink from hers.

Soon the food is gone, and he knows he will need to dress, he looks at his magess. "I will need my dress armor, you will help me prepare for the day. I approve of your choice of clothes, but I want you to wear your best jewelry, and your long dagger. You will need to watch this new princeling's woman. I have heard rumors she means to kill three of my new concorts to try to convince my newest allies to turn on me." He permits himself a small chuckle. she looks at him, knowing he could easily wipe out both his new "Allies" and this princeling's entire provience, yet hoping he doesn't wish to.

"I understand Master. If she makes a move....I will deal with her." she hates combat, fighting, having to kill. Yet she does so at his command. if she doesn't things might be worse. He has those in his service who are not so careful of life.

She brings out the armor and helps him don it, checking the fit, making sure every buckle and lace is done up properly. He then does the same for her, lacing her bodice a bit tighter, "Your body is a beautiful and deadly weapon, Jishin, don't hesitate to use it." He breaths across her neck and she feels her knees grow weak. Then he is adding in what weapons he thinks she should carry. In her hair he helps her arrange several poisoned needles. Then around the one sleeve that covers her left arm he helps her hide two throwing knives. Finally at her waist he gives her her long fighting knive, only an inch shorter than a short sword.

She steps back and turns, he appraises her with a critical eye, "Lovely as always, My dear Jishin. If I didn't need to deal with this princeling...I would enjoy you as a final treat."

The Magess only blushes, "Then, My lord, let us leave, for I would enjoy being devoured by you."

He holds out his arm, "Yes. Duty first, isn't that what you say, My good girl?"

"Yes Master."