Darkness consumes the city of Doriss as Kaldon makes his way onto the roof of the Flame palace. Spires with deep red tiling and rich red brick walls make up the castle. As Kaldon approaches his destination, soft breathing is heard from the window of Princess Amerina's room. Carefully, Kaldon enters the baby's room.

The nursery, a bright pink with red trimming and carpet, accepts the invader. Kaldon walks softly toward Amerina's crib and picks her up. As Amerina starts to cry from being held by a stranger, he runs out through the window. Using dark magic, Kaldon descends softly into the moat.

Amerina cries even louder as she becomes wet from the dirty moat water. Kaldon casts a dark spell on her that forces her to silence her sobs. Swimming through the moat and propelling himself with dark water magic, he runs onto the shore.

"Stop!" cries the guard on duty by the moat. He notes the face of the invader that dares carry the princess from the safety of her crib and rushes to attack. Unbeknownst to Kaldon, another guard out of his view rushes to tell the king of this distressing news.

Kaldon quickly burns the guard with dark fire magic, then picks up the young princess and rushes down the road toward his kingdom.

Once in the safety of Acucar, the capital of Arinna, Kaldon put the princess on a servant's doorstep with a note.