Planet Hoban

In a galaxy far away there was a planet named Hoban, it's people were kind to all, they offered aid and kept piece. For the royal family on Hoban had great power not influential but internal. The royal family had the ability to generate vast amounts of energy to do good and terrible things. Peace rained on Hoban for many Millions of years. If an opposing force meant harm to Hoban, they were warned. Ships of great technological advancement guarded Hoban but if the force were great in number the royal family would give permission to use there most deadly weapon "Angels Wings" it was named. Its power was great and defeated any number of ships blasting them to space dust.

The royal family was kind but understood that force was sometimes needed, they only used this as a last resort preferring peace. Long life graced the royal family but everything must die.

This is where our story begins with the death of the King and Queen….

Hoban was in mourning though there rule lasted untold Melina The King and Queen were dead leaving behind their infant son the Crown Prince. It was at this time that all who opposed Hoban struck hoping to kill, concur, or capture the Prince and force him to use his powers for their dark ways.

The ships fought valiantly but were losing to the Armada. They approached Hoban hoping to capture it but its planetary shields and weapons were already blazing pushing the Armada back if only for a time.

Capital City Hoban

Royal Palace

Commander Rue Laflagga was stressing the shields were about to fail weapons spent or disabled, ships disabled and drifting. Rue Laflagga was only recently promoted to Commander of the Hoban army and Space fleet. He was young, about 22, had brown hair, green eyes, and was extremely fit.

"Getting up" Rue walked to see the prince sleeping soundly he smiled "Looks like this is it little prince" Rue said "If only we could use Angels wings" Rue said. The planet shook, Rue fell the shields had collapsed. Rue got up to see the prince awake eyes glowing blue with power.

"No you can't" Rue pleaded

The infant rose up summoning its power, in space the Hoban ships Angels Wings energy was being drained and summoned to Hoban.

The Prince knew what had to be done too young to activate the Angles Wings remotely he had to activate it directly summoning all the energy of the ships to him. Rue watched the prince was glowing blue so much it was blinding and then he released it,

The armada stared in awe because it was at this time that two blue wings flapped into existence cradling Hoban, these were the Angels wings but on a much larger scale. The armada knew that it was impossible to generate Angel's wings around a planet but still. Some ships fled at this site, others stayed thinking it was a trick that was there undoing.

The wings flapped once and merged into the energy wave and was sent forth annihilating the Armada.

As the wave dissipated none of Hoban's ships were destroyed the armada gone, but something else happened, Hoban's six moons were now capable of supporting life with green hues of trees and clean water.

Rue watched the prince he just floated there up in the air still glowing blue.

Telepathic message to Hoban and ships

"People of Hoban, I your prince have saved us, but in doing so I have used nearly all my power, I must leave if I stay more will come and I will be unable to protect you again, fear not you will be safe". "I must go do not worry I will be safe and will return when the time is right until that time be safe my people".

Before the prince left he sent seven tiny orbs one to each planet capable of supporting life and one on Hoban these would keep them safe.

Rue watched as the prince condensed his form into a blue speck of energy and like that it sped from Hoban towards the unknown.

Next chapter you see the life the prince now lives.