The world was getting reastless all eyes were on the ship from another world and the three people they chose to be their ambas

The world was getting restless all eyes were on the ship from another world and the three people they chose to be their ambassadors.

Hoban One

"We have to hold a press conference, they at least deserve that" Brian said

Both Diana and Terri agreed as there homes became littered with reporters as a precaution all families were on Hoban One.

The away team were Brian's council mostly every decision he made was discussed with them Gabe, Lulu, Rue, Thorn were there along with Brian, Terri and Diana

"Ideas people" Rue asked

"We can't reveal that Brian is the prince, Earth would swarm him, I looked up the royal family for England the press is ruthless" Grant said

"They want to see him" Rue said

"But how" Lulu said

"Star Wars episode 1" Diana said grinning

"What asked the people from Hoban?"

"Decoys" Brian said getting it

"Gabe we're expanding your duties you're the face of the prince" Brian said

The plan was simple Gabe would morph down to Brian's height and weight and eve color. Gabe was wearing the "Robes of the Prince" which included the had veil that only let the eyes and forehead crest show.

United Nations

All eyes were on them as Hoban wished to give a statement , In a flash of blue light Brian Terri, Diana and Terri were there.

"People of Earth we present to you the prince of Hoban another flash of light brought Gabe down in full attire fallowed by a group of guards.

"Greetings people of earth my name is Gabe Tor prince of Hoban" Gabe said

"I will answer your questions now" Gabe said

"Why are you here, what are your intentions, Why did you pick civilians as your ambassadors, How did you get that much money" Asked a UN official

"They were looking for me, I fled to earth and recovered after a great battle years ago, We are a peaceful people we have weapons but use them only when there is no other way, I picked them because they represented the passion and imagination in your people I trust them and have given them full access to all Hoban tech, as for money our people easily created gold and exchange that for currency, as for how much money we have had to buy land, pay for your services, also I wanted the three to be able to live very well and they are still my ambassadors even when I leave this planet I pay them as I wish" Gabe said.

"Will you trade or give us your tech, Will you help us with medicines, cures for diseases, Will you lend us your military strength I'm sure the three have informed you of current events" Asked another Un official

Sighing Gabe said "Ah yes the tech I have been debating this with my people and yours for some time I will give you some Hoban tech but it will be stripped down and if you attempt to use them to harm others by force, As for medicine you will have our complete support for these two things al I asked is that we be allowed to keep our Embassy and Brian, Terri , and Diana I also ask they be left alone to live, besides I have developed a passion for your "Science fiction Shows and Series" Brian's shop quenches my need to see what you can dream" Gabe said smiling.

As for the last issue we will not provide you with military might, Our scans show your world dying, your oceans polluted, your climate changing rapidly, your ozone failing we will help save your world that should be more important then oil and there take on religion pull your troops out leave them be we will begin treaties with them, Help them rebuild properly, listen to them other then going in with brute force guns drawn

"We will start with the middle east if they agree my people can provide them with building materials so they can become better something more.

"We will not force this on anyone it's the countries choice they will be our responsibility, next will be third word countries who wish help" Thank you I will give you four weeks to decide.

CNN News

Becky Brown reporting Prince Gabes speech was meat with opposition on both sides some critics say this is a plot for invasion, others say its an answer to prayers a step in the right direction but what price will we pay you decided Becky Brown signing off"

"Turning off the TV president Grant Bush had a sour look on his face "You think you can do better fine, I'll be laughing when it blows up in your face like it did mine the troops this war it was all a shame I'm being paid more then you know to keep America paranoid and on edge in the long run I don't give a damn I'll do what I Please.

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