A/N: I wrote this poem as a way of describing how my RP/story character fights and views battle. I always called it a dance of blades, and I finally got to write it down. Anyways... Read. Review. Enjoy.

Dance of Blades

Swing of the sword
Slash of the blade
Thrust of the tip
Bash of the hilt.

Crying out of pain,
Of anger and hatred,
Of protest and defeat,
Of fear and death.

Spattering of blood
Wet droplets flying
Red liquid pouring out
Crimson puddle spreading

Feel the rapture
The blood pumping
Adreneline rushing
In the thrill of battle

Hear the music
The crying out
Screaming and yelling
In the song of death

See the arm weild
The soaked blade
Feet are dancing
Around the bodies.

Smell the sweat
And the blood
Scent the fear
And the death

This is the thrill of battle
Grace of the fighter
Power of the sword
This is the dance of blades