Sarania's Lover

-or, Too Good To Be True-

From the moment that I met you

You weren't like the rest

You overlooked what others saw

You found in me the best.

Your grin, it came so easily

Your laugh, a lilting song

It forever left me asking,

Where were you all along?

Your eyes sparkled with your laughter

Jokes ever close at hand

With your humour, though, came wisdom

You could always understand

You were different from the others

So charming and polite

When the world was all against me

On my behalf you'd fight

Your embrace, it felt like magic

You held me close to you

The enchanting clasp of your arms

No terrors could break through

Your compliments meant everything

The best I'd ever known

I cherished them like sacred gifts

Prized treasures all my own

How is it I'm so lucky that

You chose me as your friend

But I'd hoped we'd be more than that

Before we reached this end

I won't forget a moment of

Our time together spent

'Cause I had the time of my life

Please know how much that meant