These Doors

I'd go out and see you but I'm on the inside

I want to know your face but my door isn't opening

I'm still in the shadows

Not waiting for light

Because I can't see it anyway


I can't wait to be so alone

With my music in the dark

Listening to The End over and over

But please come in

These doors are closed but not locked


A dream is the future

A match or a bottle for company

The TV has nothing at all

Nothing but plastic smiles

There could be no future behind my doors


It's all right, I'm not afraid to die

Just as long as you don't see it

Living is an illusion

Compassion is a sin

Inside these doors only a closed curtain brings hope


Well fling them wide open

In my world there are no trials

Because all men are guilty anyway

Show me everything all over again

Give me everything I've never asked for


The doors are open but the wall remains

Crack it open and take a step outside

But all you'll find is another locked door

All you'll see is another problem

Calling you to come


The best thing is not to think about it

But all that'll do is bring you closer to me

I want to see you but please not that close

Just watch me from afar while I crawl up to you

When you see me, pleasedon't send me away


Back inside the doors keep me hidden

They're dark, lonesome and never want to talk

They'll just sit there and watch me die

Well not this time, I'm coming home

You just watch me march outside that door