People say home is where the heart is

Well that's true

But it means different things for different things

For different people

For me it means that this world is a temporary home

Until someday when I can join

My heavenly Father

And I can truly come home

It will be like coming home

From an all too long vacation

So during this "vacation"

I'll live my life to bring glory

To Your name


A/N: I wrote this poem within a week of CIY last year. When I came home from vacation I put the journal that I had written it in away and forgot about it. I was putting a book back in its place after finishing it last night and saw a journal next to it. I pulled it out and flipped through it and I found this poem. So here's this long-awaited poem…a year late. And for those of you who are wondering…I went to CIY again this year and I've realized that God has called me to go into the ministry. So pray for me as God opens doors for me and gives me courage to face each day. Your sis in Christ: Sami Ephesians 6:19 Jeremiah 29:11