End of The Line

This is the end of the line

Where you can now take your time

There are no more trees to block your sight

There is no more hope to be your light


This is the end of your loss

So remove yourself from this cross

And take a look around

There is no more death to get you down


End of the line with nothing else here

Where the sun is always so clear

With dust and echoes rattling in the air

Well what do you care?


Look up do you see stars?

All I see are endless cars

Lost on a black highway

Lost for endless days


On your face is a mask of blood

Your body is covered with mud

You saw all the people with their stained smiles

They only wanted to beguile


You've seen the people in their chains

Their faces are burnt as well as their hair

All these people you've tried to save

Still trapped in their hellish cave