Sitting Upon A Zinnia (Determination)

For a brief rest, she sits

Not knowing we are watching

Admiring how fearfully and wonderfully made she is

She shakes her tiny tail feathers

Her iradescent body gleams in the sun

She gazes left and right

She scans the perimeter for the red dagger

She fears he may return to fend his territory

Thinking the Zinnia perft for her rest

She seems almost human in a way

As if she is an athelete taking a break

From a long day of training

Soon as the coast is clear, she darts

Right up to the feeder full of clear, sugary nectar

She feeds with no trouble now

Until her overbearing mate charges in

Squeaking irately, chasing her off

Alas, it is always this way

But she is indefatigable

Whatever may happen, she makes her approach after resting

And claiming sweet victory at last !

August 16, 2006