No way I was going to let this happen…

The leaves and twigs cracked and crumpled loudly beneath my feet as I screeched to a halt. But I did not hear them. The three of us inhaled and exhaled heavily in unison. I did not hear that either. The only thing that reached my ears was the near-thunderous ba-dum! Ba-dum! Ba-dum! My heart was beating against its cage, threatening to break through.

I stood in stone cold disbelief and fear. Not one of us said a word or moved for several minutes. In that time my heart did not slow in the least. My mind was racing. In my panic I could only conjure up a single word: Why.

Tears streamed down her cheeks, and onto the shrill, pristine blade that was gripped at her throat.

No way I was going to let this happen…

We were only kids. Kids can't do things like this. Yet here we were, a trio of prepubescent children. The Instigator, the Victim, and The Helpless Spectator…. Not helpless!

I way I was going to let this happen…!

Although eyes met, tears shed, and glances were exchanged, no words were uttered.

I made a lunge for him. What followed was all but a blur—a swift horizontal swipe…a slash of red… a deafening liquid hiss. A young girl hits the ground.