Babysitting A Demon Child


Dear Journal,

Well, considering that you, Journal, are my sixteenth birthday present (courtesies of Mother Dearest), you know nothing about me. So I'll tell you. Why? Because I have nothing better to do since Mother Dearest grounded me from everything that kept me from going crazy for the past sixteen years (how was I supposed to know not to make fun of her boss's toupee when he was over for dinner?).

So, as you've gathered, I am now sweet sixteen. But let me tell you something, Journal, I look nothing like sixteen-year-old. My own grandmother mistakes me for a thirteen-year-old. Shortness and lack of cleavage really bites. It doesn't help my face is almost permanently fixed in a pout that makes me seem ten years younger.

The only thing that really separates me from the rest of the world is my unique brain. And no, Journal, I do not have an abnormally huge brain that makes my head look like a hot air balloon. Nor is it cone-shaped.Nor does my brain make my head swell whenever I am complimented. Nor can I read minds (I try but I guess I wasn't born as a physic freak).

No, instead, Journal, I have smarts that would rival one thousand college professors.

Okay, I admit I exaggerated a bit, but I really am smart. Well, I'm smarter than most people I know, and in my strange mind, that's something special.

In fact, I'm so smart that I got into Dieu Boarding School. Ever since I turned seven, it's been my dream to attend the 'boarding school of a hundred species'. Dieu is basically a school for, well, different species, like humans and fairies and demons. It was founded nearly two hundred years ago, in a town called Hestia, where species of all kinds coexist. I've only been to Hestia once, and that was half a year ago when I went to apply for Dieu. But I was impressed by the diversity of the community and the brightness of the town.

Well, anyway, now that my dream has come true, I can finally move out of this house (and get away from all my family problems). I'm hoping to get a better life at Dieu. Lord knows my life here in America is awful. Want to know what my life is like, Journal? Well, I guess I have to tell you since I'm telling you all about me. Let's start by showing you my life statistics:

50 Problems

30 More problems

20 Bad hair days

You see, Journal? Life isn't really all it's choked up to be. If I had even less of a life, then I'd probably be dead.

Anyway, let's start with my family trouble. I'm an only child, and my father walked out on my mother and me when I was only four. After that, my mother married my stepfather, who was killed a year later in a hit and run accident. To escape the grieving process after his death (I really liked my stepfather), I dived into studies, henceforth my amazing knowledge.

Two years ago, my aunt and uncle died (my family is always dying it seems). So that meant my younger cousin had to come live with mom and me. I wasn't very happy. You see, my cousin Daniel isn't what you'd call the perfect citizen. Nope, he's far from it. In all the years that I've known him, he's managed to get caught up in gangs, drugs, alcohol, the whole shebang. I didn't want him bringing all his crap into my house. So mom and I went to work trying to set him straight.

Needless to say, we're still working on it. Daniel doesn't realize that we're trying to help him. He just thinks we're pests. So he likes to shove us away (mentally, not physically). And when I set my mind to something, I do not like to be pushed away (even if it is mentally).

So I pressure him into being the perfect little cousin. I throw away his cigarettes, his alcohol, and all that other stuff (I haven't managed to find any drugs yet, but once I do, I sure as hell will throw those away, too). So, needless to say, he doesn't like me very much.

We found out two months ago he has cancer in his pancreas.

So now that he's going to chemo and all that other stuff, we're going broke. Which means if I want to stay in Dieu for a second semester, I have to find a way to make money, and fast. And no, Journal, I'm not going to become a prostitute. Mother would flip. Besides, whoever heard of a sixteen-year-old who looked like a thirteen-year-old being a prostitute?

Nope, I'm thinking of getting a job. Only problem is that I don't of any decent jobs. I'm not that talented, and I don't like being bossed around, and I hate wearing any kind of uniform. Plus, with a cynical attitude like mine, who would want to hire me?

Well, Journal, I have to go. Mom wants me to write an apology letter to her boss. The next time I write in you, I'll probably be at Dieu Boarding School. I can hardly wait!


Marsha A. Confiant

Well, here's another demon story from yours truly. This one is based of a story that me and my friend MrsJohnBender thought of. It's similar in some ways. Don't worry, though. Not all chapters are going to be in 'Journal' form like this prologue.

I hope everyone liked this story so far. I think it has potential, but then again that's just me. But if you liked this story, then I recommend my other demon stories. Demon's Friendship is almost finished (and people really like it!) so Isuggest you readthat.Please leave a comment!!