Surrounded by friends and family

At all times


I feel deeply alone at times

Ironic, isn't it

That, even when surrounded by people,

I can feel so alone in my mind

Is it something that comes naturally

A figment of my imagination

Something that I have created, or am I truly alone

Is it an exaggeration

Perhaps it's a small feeling

That I am only magnifying

Yes that's it,

I'm only magnifying the feeling of being alone, empty,

Because there is no way I'm feeling this

Even after so much time has passed

I don't need this

I don't need any of this,

All I should need is my friends

It's time

Time to push these feelings away

I've done it before, and it's time to do it again

Hopefully for the final time

Until they disappear altogether

For, who knows

How long I can keep these feelings at bay

Out of my mind, till they come back stronger

They do each time,

Hitting me with crushing force

Knocking me to the ground

Soon, I won't be able to get back up

I'll just lay there

Letting it engulf me in flames