Wind running past her ears,

Her heart kept in pace with her step.

The sweet dewy grass tickling her toes.

Running with the river, Running at the sky.

Hills rolling, Clouds tumbling, Days passing by.

The sweet honeysuckle is warm to the touch.

The sun reflecting on waves.

Round, and round, Everything is spinning.

The flowers, the wind, the trees.

She fall in the grass, And let's out a laugh.

She suddenly starts to fly on the breeze.

Over the fields of lightly brown barley,

Over the towns and the seas.

She whispers into the wind something so sweet,

Then gently she lands on her feet.

She dances on the sparkling waters aglow.

She smells the sweet fruit from where it grows.

She laughs as she runs,

As the birds chirp with joy.

A beautiful April, a beautiful sky,

A beautiful, peaceful way to live by.