Sweet one, Don't fall down.

I can't always know how to help out.

Sweet child, Don't run.

I'm doing the best I can.

You watch with those teary eyes.

And I say, don't cry.

I want to help.

You cling to these words.

Surrounding me with new hope.


I may want to run, want to cry.

But try as I might, I stay.

I know I can make it through the day.

It's a forest around me.

I let the wanderer free.

Explore it,

Control it,

Then let it be.

Just let it be.

I cast aside these thoughts,

What have I been taught?

I try, I hang on, and I move on.

The hardships and trials.

The I wont's the I will's

Controlling, devoting, the pain and the glory inside.


Let it out,

Let it be,

Be the thing,

It wants to be,

And come back again.