hello beautiful, it's saturday night
why don't we go out now, and tell the world good bye
lets stream through the cities in our glorious flight
yeah, lets go out and lie to the stars

if you run fast enough, you can run away from yourself,
lets run away, hand in hand, run like we'll never run again
but, beautiful, you'll run right into everybody else
and you don't want that disaster to ever happen to them

hey beautiful, it's late but you're looking out the window,
dreaming and wishing til the sun rises for you now,
but it's a black dawn in this series of tumbling dominoes
yet you're still reaching for something greater, somehow

reach for the planets and land safely on the moon,
but beautiful, reach for love and watch it crush you,
look at him with a cold heart and never assume,
but you can kiss him under those stars you lied to

hello beautiful, it's crying outside
but it's pouring in here, as you know
why did you already make your final good byes?
you had so much farther to go

hello beautiful, look me in the face
let me see your soul again, if only for a bit