Some people ask:

Where in the world,

Is Waldo?

But I believe,

One should wonder:

Where in the world,

Is Love?

Is love in the heart,

That flows steady beats,

Of life,

Through these vital veins?

Or is love in the eyes,

Which are windows to our world,

That are as deep as the mind can go,

If one bothers to look?

One should also wonder,

Where in the world,

Is Faith?

Is faith in the church,

That so many worship,

That is built upon,

The sacred ground of life?

Or is faith in the winds,

Forever changing,

But we can all feel it,

Though it is not always visible?

Some people will wonder,

Where in the world,

Is Happiness?

Is happiness in the warm embrace,

Of a soul-mate,

Or life lover?

Is happiness in the family,

Which is all we have,

When the fabrics are torn

And in the end, when the end is so close?

Where in the world,

Where in the world,

Are you?