Twenty five over.

Chapter 1.

25kg stands between Cody and Mr Popularity. After a cruel prank, she changes her life and loses it, but is it too late for her to realise that beauty is only skin deep?

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"Get your fat ass out of the freaking shower!" Dominic screamed as Cody Wilkins turned the hot tap on as much as it would go. It wasn't fair that she had to share a last name with that creep let alone a bathroom.

She stepped out of the shower, and almost slipped on the water that had leaked out while she was washing herself. Cody steadied herself, and pulled a towel from the rack. It was too small, they always were. She covered as much as she could, and then reached through the now cold water and turned off the tap. That would teach him.

She opened the door and stepped out, hurrying to her room before he could taunt her again.

She'd never been a skinny girl. Her Mum had always called it baby fat, whilst insisting she take another helping of whatever delicious treat she had brought home. Willpower, similarly, had never been her strong suit.

Her jeans and big baggy jumper were laid out on the bed, and she walked over and stepped into the pants. Pulling them up over her hips, she struggled to make the ends meet, and do the button up. She needed new ones. It was probably a faulty pair anyway, either that, or they just weren't making them the right size.

Cody looked up as her mother stuck her head in the door.

"MUM!" she screeched, yanking the jumper down over her head.

"Sorry hon, but were you supposed to get a ride with Dominic?"

Tracy Wilkins was mid forties, ash blonde and unlike her daughter, had a perfect figure. She swore by the stairmaster.

"Uh yeah. Tell him I'm almost done." Cody answered, running a brush through her long brown hair and tying it into a ponytail.

"I would, but he left five minutes ago."

"What? Mum! Why didn't you tell me?" Cody demanded, grabbing her bag from her bed, and walking out of her bedroom. The house wasn't large, and their voices filled the small rooms.

"I didn't realise he'd left without you. Besides, a walk will do you good." She replied, not losing her cool. Advertising executive by day, Cody saw little of her mother.

"Can't you give me a lift Mum? Please? We have gym today! That's enough exercise!" she pleaded.

"Sorry kid, my car's in the shop remember? I'm getting a lift with Brian."

Ah yes, Brian. Her mother's somewhat almost boyfriend.

"You know, you're committing adultery. You and Dad are still married!" It was a low blow, and Cody regretted the words as soon as they were out of her mouth.

Her mother paled, and Cody felt worse.

"Brian and I are just good friends Cody, I shouldn't have to explain that to you. Besides, your father and I are separated. He's not coming back."

Cody felt miserable, it wasn't even eight o'clock and she had already made her mother cry.

"Sorry Mum." She muttered, pushing past her and walking out the door. Cody wasn't a bad person, she just shot her mouth off sometimes. She figured it was Dominic's influence. He was a Senior, Co Captain of the football team and a god at their High school. She was a lowly junior with a weight problem. Cody walked on in silence, Dominic never talked to her in public. She often thought that he wanted to pretend that she didn't exist. For all the notice that people took of her she might as well not have.

Cody kicked at a pebble. She was already out of breath and she could still see her house if she turned around. She sighed, remembering the doctors appointment from a week ago. "Obese" she muttered, the word was like an ugly dog that kept nipping at her heels. The doctor had said that she was twenty five kilos over the healthy weight range for her height. But he didn't have to tell her that, when people walked around, well, WAY around you, and you got the 'beeps' and 'wide load coming through!' it was blatantly obvious that you didn't conform to the standard.

Dominic roared into the school parking lot and climbed out of his car. The heifer could walk for all he cared. She needed the exercise anyway. Why would someone want to be that big? He couldn't understand it. He didn't want to understand it. This was his year, This year he and his best friend, Madden Richards had been given co-captainship of the football team.

The team hadn't lost championship title in sixteen years and he was damned if he was going to be responsible for a defeat.

"Dommy!" A high pitched voice squealed, and he cringed. Turning to face the blonde.

"Kym." He acknowledged. She was good in the sack, he would give her that, but she was thick as a box of rocks. Namely, she couldn't take a hint if it fell on her perfectly bleached head.

She moulded herself to him, and he tried to walk towards the field. He bowed his dark blonde head and growled in frustration.

"Not now Kym, I have early practice." He muttered, swearing under his breath.

Where was Richards when you needed him? Probably chatting up some skirt somewhere. Dominic extricated himself, and kept walking, ignoring the pout Kym gave him.

Girls like her were a dime a dozen. He needed something new, someone fresh. The skanks here at school were all to eager to please him. They practically fell all over him. It wasn't a challenge anymore, and he liked a challenge. Leaving the crestfallen blonde behind him, he strode over to the locker rooms, and went in. He sat down on one of the benches and pulled on his cleats. He didn't bother with the uniform, coach Schofield wasn't fussed about it at early practice. He jogged out onto the field and joined his team mates. He looked for the shaggy brown head of his best friend, but couldn't see it. Richards could take care of himself, so he wasn't worried, but Coach would get on his ass about this for sure.

"Nice to see you could join us Wilkins! Had trouble getting out of bed?" Coach bellowed, and Dominic bit back the sarcastic retort.

"Sorry Coach" he muttered.

I'd better not be coach's bitch all year. Dominic thought to himself, as he jogged laps for the amount of minutes he was late. Where the heck was Richards?

Madden Richards was late. He burnt rubber all the way down the road until he caught sight of a familiar back walking on the pavement. Her shoulders were hunched under the weight of her bag. Cody Wilkins. Why hadn't Dom given her a lift? He growled softly under his breath and pulled up alongside her.

"My Dad's a cop. He'll put you in prison if you do anything to me!"

Madden grinned, and stuck his head out the window.

"The closest your Dad's come to a cop is the one he was arrested by. Get in the car Codes." He yelled, pulling his head back in, and watching as she clambered into the car. She was out of breath, and puffing slightly. He'd have to talk to Dom about it later, she was a nice kid, she didn't deserve it.

"Madden! It's.. good.. to see you. Whose car is this?"

Madden pulled out, and resumed driving.

"My brothers, he's home for the week. Slacker." He answered with a smile.

"Oh, ok. So, you excited about a new year? Football captain? Being a senior?" she asked, putting her bag down on the ground between her legs. He took in the tight jeans and baggy jumper, and grimaced.

"Yeah. Well, it'll be good, the football bit I mean, the classes will be a pain."

"Yeah, I know what you mean." She enthused,

"You do? But you ace everything Cody. Everyone knows that." He teased her a little, it was something that he enjoyed, getting a rise out of her.

"Not everything, I almost flunked gym last year." She replied seriously, and Madden laughed.

"Ah well, good thing getting into college doesn't depend on your lap speed hey?"

"Yeah, thank god for that."

Madden pulled into the parking lot and checked his watch, he swore under his breath. He was twenty minutes late, and it was first practice for the year. Coach was going to eat him alive.

"Listen, I gotta go kiddo, Coach will have me running until next Tuesday if I don't." he apologised, before dashing off.

"Sure, Thanks for the ride!" she called, and watched as he waved, then turned and kept going.

Cody checked her watch, if she was right then her cousin Sapphire would be here already. One of the things that Cody could always count on was her cousin arriving early on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays when the Rovers had early practice. It was like bees to a honeypot. The early practice sessions always attracted the ardent fans, and dedicated admirers. Sadly, Saph was one of them.

Cody climbed the bleachers and plonked down beside her cousin.

"Are you trying to catch flies?" Cody asked, looking at her cousins open-mouthed, mystified expression.

"Ssh! They're doing that running thing, they're so glisteny and sweaty and yum!"

"You know my brother, your cousin is in that bunch of meatheads. Still think they're great?" she asked with a small smile.

"Thanks for ruining the moment Code." Sapphire snapped, sulking and Cody grinned.

"Oh come on, you were practically at second base with each of them. Sitting there drooling over them like that!" she exclaimed, and Sapphire shrugged.

"I have to get my kicks somehow. It's not like I have a big sweaty man all my own to get to second base with." She moaned, and Cody rolled her eyes.

"I don't see why you'd want one. The fantasy is much more satisfying, especially if it's never going to happen in real life." Cody murmured, resting her head on her fists.

"Ahh, Mr School girl wet dream himself hey?"Sapphire questioned, and Cody nodded. She'd been in love with Mr Sgwd a.k.a – Finn Gerber for as long as she could remember. She didn't even think that he knew she existed. Although there was that one time when he had asked her to put his coke can in the bin. She'd felt honoured, and then gone home and written it down in her diary, planning how the next day he might ask her for something bigger, like a sandwich, and then a date.

Cody cringed, Truth was Finn hadn't spoken to her again, and that had been a year ago. She'd had to settle for admiring him from afar.

"I hear that he's going out with Tridi Mccormack. I think they're made for eachother."

Cody's eyes glazed over, Tridi was everything she was sure she would never be.

She was blonde, tanned, and there wasn't a spare inch, anywhere!

"That's great Saph. I mean Let's face it, it's not like I had a chance is it?" Cody scoffed, climbing to her feet. She ran down the bleachers, and away from the field. She'd had enough for one morning. As she made her way she caught a few snickers and mean glances. 'Wide load'

Dominic jogged to catch up with Madden as his friend quickened his pace. A movement in the bleachers caught his attention and he snickered, it was only his whale of a sister.

"Wonder what's got her panties in a twist."

Madden followed his gaze and shrugged.

"You left without her this morning?" Madden muttered, and Dominic shrugged.

"Fatty needed a walk." He replied with a smirk.

"She's not that big Dom. Besides, you're her brother, you should be looking out for her."

"Why do you care Richards? Got a thing for her? She's too big man."

Madden shrugged, and continued running.

"I don't, she's a nice kid is all."

"Yeah, well then give her a pity fuck and move on."

Madden looked at him a moment, and quickened his pace. Dominic struggled to keep pace, but found himself falling short. Madden was a runner, Dominic had never been able to beat him at laps. A fact that bothered him. As close as he and Madden were, there was always rivalry between them.

Madden pushed himself harder, and outstripped Dom. He was his best friend, but he had never liked the way that he talked about Cody. He wondered why she'd left the bleachers early, maybe something had upset her? He pushed it from his mind, and focused on the rest of the training. He had to be focused this year. He needed a scholarship for college, and football was going to get it for him. What Dominic said struck a chord though, he was protective when it came to Cody. He didn't like seeing her hurt. She was a nice kid, and she didn't have anyone to look out for her. He vowed to himself that he'd keep extra tabs on her this year. Dom may not give a shit what happened to her, but Madden considered her a friend, and he looked after his friends.

Sapphire pulled out her books and closed her locker. She ran to catch up with Cody, and slung a hand around her shoulders.

"Sorry about before cuz, I'm bitchy before nine. You know that."

Cody shrugged, and smiled.

"Not a prob Saph. I overreacted."

They walked together into English and took their seats. Sapphire sighed and pulled out her notebook.

She scrawled a quick note and threw it across to Cody, who caught it and slipped it into her folder.

Your boy Madden is looking fine this year!

Saph waited as Cody discreetly opened her folder and read the note. She flicked her short black hair, and waited impatiently for a response.

A scrunched up piece of paper landed on her desk and she pounced on it.

He's not my boy. He's Dom's best friend. And he's nice to me, that's all!

Saph scrawled a response, and threw it back in the direction from which it came.

A hand interrupted the flight of the note, and Sapphire looked up in despair as the note rested in the palm of their English teacher.

"Sapphire, Cody, There is a time and a place for the admiration of our schools football players, My English class is NOT one of them." Mr Fiddich admonished, and

They bowed their heads.

"Yes Mr Fiddich."

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