by: trista groulx

It is amazing how one event can change and shape the world
And how time just keeps tick-tick-ticking away
Always unchanged and unfazed by those events which force revolution
The event which becomes locked in the minds of its witnesses
And changes forever the outcome of the lives of its victims
These events shape humanity's values and beliefs
Written down for those who come after to know their history
But the event will become words upon a page for those not there
As the distant and not so distance past is for those who came after
The event did change and shape the world, there is no mistake
But so many events have also changed and shaped humanity before it
Just as now time just tick-tick-ticked away
With time leaving only accounts written upon history's pages
This way nothing can be forgotten, and lessons can be taught
And humanity will always learn and grow with time
The wish is that the lesson will be learned and applied
Changing and shaping the world, humanity, civilization
As time continues to tick-tick-tick away
It knows the truths which develop bias of history's writers
For it is always humans who must record the events
Especially when the events change and shape the world
For only humans can write the records of humanity's growth
Only they may articulate, and analyze the witnesses' accounts
For when events rock our world we know it must be recorded
To be preserved for future generations so they may understand
It is events which change and shape the world forever
It is those events which mould humanity and it's morals and values
As time just tick-tick-ticks away
And time it always will just pass as history comes and goes
For events will always change and shape humanity and civilization
Just as time will always tick-tick-tick away