Sometimes it feels as if life is slipping away.

If you don't grab it by the horns it will be lost forever.

All the people just pass you by,

You are just one in a world of thousands.

You can't see from the mist that has covered your eyes,

You can't feel from all the pain and the tears that are held inside.

Life just seems to pass you by,

Everyone just seems to ignore your pain,

Like you aren't important in their lives.

You are just a spot on the floor,

No importance.

The love you had left you with only a shell of a person.

Your heart is broken, your love is lost,

You walk around as if you can't see,

As if you can't feel, you can't love.

Life is just passing you by and

All you can do is hold in the tears

And hold in the pain.

Grab life by the horns before

There is nothing left,

Before you are just a shell of a person.