There is no proper way

For it was never taught in class.

How are we to think and write

About our tragic pasts?

How are we to ramble on

'Bout pirates, land, and ships?

And how are we to create a thought

'Bout two lovers touching lips?

How can we create the things

That royalty might tell?

And how are we to write

'Bout the magic wishing well?

Why are we expected to

Tell 'bout a teen's mistake?

And how should we go on to write

If love is real or fake?

Should we ever attempt the feat

That writing makes us face,

Whether we must talk about

The earth or outer space,

Or how two people fall in love

And forever keep their vows,

Or about those who follow dreams

When before, did not know how.

We should ponder what we write

And keep the plot and story true,

But however you decide to thinkā€¦

Well, that is up to you.

So write with heart and soul

And put emotions on the page

Whether they are joyful

Or cause ferocity and rage.

What you lay upon that page

Is the thing that your mind knew!

So write whatever you decide to write,

Is completely up to you.