Another little ditty of mine. This would be sung with a british accent with pirate influences.

String thy sails ,watch zem flare

Whippin and dancin in the zee winds

Shine zee wood, and polish thy deck

A'waitin for ze captain

To approve of ze work


A sittin on the watch

And a waitin for a prize to show herself

We arm ourself's when she shows

Waitin for our captain to say'a so

Chasin and a winnin we earn a bit gold


We sit a'down ze lower deck

playin wit ze cards,

gamblin an' losin all ze gold

We be ze be the pirates that we called

A dancin and a singin in the wind


Ze fiddler's a fiddlin

And the whistlers a whistlin

And we'za dancin and singin

Have'in bits of fun

Before the day done.