I don't often look down roads, wondering where they will take me. I pick a random direction and hope I end up somewhere amazing. And I usually do.

The last road I took…led me straight to you.

Never before had I experienced anything so wonderful. Its like spring had blossomed on an old dirt road, and the sandy gravel beneath my feet was warm and soft. It didn't matter where this new road led me, as long as you were by my side.

But time passes quickly when you're walking and daylight soon fades to dusk. I can no longer see you clearly in the darkness of night, but as long as you hold my hand, I know you are still with me. And I am afraid of nothing.

With the dawning of the fiery sun, we come upon a fork in the road. Before, it never mattered which way I went, but now, I wanted only to be with you.

I'd follow you no matter which path you chose. Your direction became mine.

But this was not to be. The wild path forking left bore a sign. It read my name. I knew this my road…but I would travel it alone.

Your hand slipped from mine as you began your new journey. Such a short walk we had together. Perhaps if we'd walked slower…

I stood there for many hours after you'd disappeared. My eyes traveled back to the rugged path before me. This would not be easy.

And without you there, reaching with your outstretched hand to help me across the sharp rocks and ruts, I didn't know if I could make it.

So I sat, to await your return…knowing full well, that you were never coming back. Maybe one day our roads would diverge once more, but in my heart I knew that you were gone forever.