NOTE: YES, I really have five rats, two cats, two dogs and a bunny! I love my animals very much, and because I love them I'll humiliate them by writing about them! Actually, my animals are so wonderful that I want to share them with the world, without the risk of assholes killing them to make me feel bad. Oh, and Sweettart will be reffered to as an it, because we don't know what gender it is yet, because it hasn't hit puberty yet. (Did you know that you can't tell the gender of bunnies until they're six months old?) Oh yeah, and forgive spelling errors, I'm not using the cpu with spell check and all the online ones delete my files. First chapter is gona be short, hopefully later ones won't be.

Chapter one:

Ziggy opened one eye to look around to make sure his master was sleeping. As soon as he was sure that she wouldn't wake up, he let out a squeak to signal the others that it was ok to move around.

After the signal that she had been waiting so patiently for had been given, Luna quickly pushed to top of her cage up and slid it away just enough for her to get out. She let the twins our of their cage as Sunshine and Ziggy let themselves out of their cages.

The bedroom door creaked open and a fluffy cream and orange colored cat came sneaking in, having learned how to open doors from another cat that had once occupied the house. He opened that rabbits cage and whispered, "Let's go."

Sunshine and Luna quickly climbed down the table that contained their cages and lept to the cat's back, for they were accustomed to riding in style.

Ziggy and the twins jumped to the floor like stupid, fearless boys would do.

Sweettart hopped out of it's cage and shook it's head, knocking things over with it's lop-ears.

"SHH!!!" all the other animals hissed at Sweettart, before quickly escaping the bedroom of which they were supposed to inhabit. They made first for the kitchen, where the cat, with the two little rats still riding him, hopped up onto the counter and stole several peppermints from the candy dish. The little girl rats on his back held many a peppermint tightly as he jumped down to the floor.

Unwrapping the candies, they little rats slipped them into an empty dog's food dish, where they were quickly devoured by the bunny.

"Mmm!!! These are sooooo yummy!!!" the bunny almost cried with joy as it ate the candy.

Ziggy and the twins took off in search for adventure, but instead they found a grinning mouthful of sharp teeth.

"Well well well, look who's out of their cages." A malevolent feline voice hissed softly. "Why haven't you been turned into my supper yet?"

Sweettart hopped over to the rats and cat, stopping right in front of the cat. It thumped loudly and agrily. "Why don't you go eat some mice? These rats are a little out of your price range," it sneered at her.

"And what exactly is the price?" the cat hissed mercilessly.

"You're fur," the bunny sneered right back.

"Hmph, You're not even worth my time," the black cat hissed before walking away with as much grace she could muster in her frustration.

The bunny returned to eating it's peppermints. The three rats sighed in relief and continued on their journey for adventure.

There was a sudden hold up when Ziggy descovered a ketchup packet underneath the couch. He quickly chewed it open and sucked all of the ketchup out, little squeaks of joy escaping him as he enjoyed his treat.

The fluffy cat followed the scent of the three adventuring rats and poked his head underneath the couch. He rolled his eyes at the sight. "Not now Ziggy!!! She'll be awake in a couple hours!" he groaned.

"Mmm, mhm hmm hmm," was all Ziggy replied.

The smaller of the twins, Scraps, sighed. He decided to wonder off.

All of them froze in place when they heard their master's grandmother begin coughing.

"She's waking up!" they all panicked in quiet whispers.

Within seconds every animal was in their proper place.

They all glanced around at each other as their master began to stir in her sleep. They all understood the looks they exchanged: They'd go and explore again on a better day.