Death Trend

Hey Deathie, what can we say?

To "Mr-Poetic-I'm-Feeling-Scary-Today,"

We love you lots, we love you true,

We want you to know we'll be there for you,

One thing that I really admire about you,

Is how you seem so sincere in everything you do.

I love the emotions behind your lines,

Your poetry is great, even without rhymes,

Modest you may be, but just remember,

That are Shakespeare (born of September).

That's it! I'm stealing all your work,

I'll become a billionaire as I Lurk,

So come on, let's strike a deal,

A fair exchange with an Elle-like seal,

Don't be depressed, we're there for you,

You better smile or we'll stare at you.

Then you'll get freaked and run away...

But nevermind DeathTrend, Happy 19th Birthday!

Heya Death, have an awesome bday :P

Lots of love, kissesandhugs,

ScareyHairyLarry (umm...Larry just wants to say that he does the handshake-thing, not the kisses...lmfao), Elle and Lia :P